Even The Rocks Rock

Do you want to hear about something really amazing?

Ok, you already know I how much I love our town, right? So far, I’ve written several stories about how nice the people here are. 

Kindness Noticed is about the time my son was crying while we were standing on a corner at a closed business in town and someone opened a door. 

When Those Hats Came Full Circle is about walking into a store in town and realizing we are right where we’re meant to be.

In Welcome Wherever We Are, I tell about a local store owner that lights up this world with her smile. 

Oh, and in Stumbled, it was because a local business extended my bill when our money was short, that I included that as a gift of Fate.

There’s something new I want to tell you about that you’re going to love!

Recently, a gal saw Community Art project in another town, so she started it in our town. 

The premise is simple. Decorate rocks and them hide them around town for others to find. It’s sort of like a giant Easter egg hunt, but with art! How awesome is that? 

We met friends at a park on Tuesday and hid some. Later, on the project’s Facebook page, someone posted a picture of our rocks that had been found! 

Local businesses are even joining in and giving prizes if their rocks are found and brought in to their business. 

I absolutely love this idea, especially since the town pool closed several years ago and the new one isn’t built yet. This gives everyone something fun to do on a summer’s day. 

Also, it’s open to everybody, any age, and any artistic ability. Once a rock is found, it can either be kept, or hidden again. Isn’t that neat? 

See the ones in the pictures? We made those and we’re going to hide them today. 

Aren’t they are cute? We decoupaged the small ones, then painted the dots. I drew the snail and skateboard onto the other rocks then painted  them. We’re pretty excited for someone to find them! 

This is just another reason why we love it here. How fun to live in a place where even the rocks rock! 

27 thoughts on “Even The Rocks Rock

  1. Jessica, I want to move to your town!!😀😀 what a fantastic sense of community spirit. The stone treasure hunt sounds wonderful and such fun for all ages – and I can imagine how chuffed your were to see your stones found on FB. They’re lovely! Many more happy hunting weekends to you and the town!

  2. Nothing beats small town America. There is a feeling. A connection. It is hard to explain, but it’s very real and you just want to walk right into it and never leave. What a delightful surprise for those who find those beautiful Happy Rocks! Great post. :) <3

    • Wish you would’ve been with us today when we hid them. We found some, too, and it was so great!

      What’s really great is, there is this nature park in town that hardly anybody ever went to, until now. We’ve been there before and have never seen anyone. Today at least 6 families there looking for rocks.

      There’s a Facebook page where we post which rocks we hide and which ones we find so that people will know who found their rocks. Some of the ones we hid today have been found. :)

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! This is a really nice town. :) I saw your blog on Clare’s post yesterday. I really like her writing, so I thought if you’re a friend of hers, I bet you’re really great, too. :)

        • She is! :) Oh, now, isn’t that wonderful? A school would be the perfect place for a Community Art project. I’m not sure who came up with it, but I love it. Last I saw, it has reached several area towns nearby and several western states. I bet it’d be super fun for your school. There is a true feeling of community that accompanies it. Love that! :)

    • Hi. We’re making more today. It is so much fun. I love the idea of sharing a bit of artistic expression.

      Here’s something SO amazing. Our town has like 6000 people. Well, over 3000 people have joined the project’s Facebook page!! Talk about community.

      People are posting pictures every time they hide or find rocks. Such joy!

      • Oh wow, that is just so awesome. What a wonderful community you live in Jess. By the time you read this you’ve probably already made more. Love it! :)

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