Rockin Our Family Time

Don’t you just love spending time with family? 

Whether your family consists of kiddos, pets, or a significant other, it seems like opportunities for time together are countless, if we’re looking. 

Sunday I wrote a story called “Even the Rocks Rock”, about a gal who started a Community Art Project in our town. (You can read it here if you’d like.)

Yesterday, my husband, Little Bit and I set out to go around town to hide the rocks we made. At the first stop, we were so excited to find three rocks! 

Next, we headed to a nature trail. Located in the center of town, it is filled with local history. 

Our excitement continued as we found three more, in hiding spots that were quite clever, including the crooks of trees.

I can’t even tell you how great it was to get out of the house for a couple of  hours, rockin’ our family time. 

30 thoughts on “Rockin Our Family Time

  1. Jessica, I remember you saying you were going to make the fairy lanterns I made with your child. I updated the templates so you and everyone else can download them easily.
    And….I must say…you are soooo creative!!!

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  2. Jessica – the rocks made me smile – from Minnie to a skateboard – now that is representing the spectrum – bonus points for that! Ha!
    I also enjoyed resding the sign about the springs
    – like a storm could bring such beauty-
    And then the cure – well I have come to Learn so much about minerals and the health they bring – and so I bet those that were cured had something that magnesium and iron was lethal for – but those that did not get cured had other ailments – hmmmm

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    • Hi Karen. It was SO fun! We were ahead of the trail and saw several families arrive behind us! :) So far, of our 19 we hid, I’ve seen pictures that 5 have been found!


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