38 thoughts on “Just Grab a Camera

    • You’re awesome- thank you very much. No, not selling them yet. Maybe I’ll look into that. 😊 I’d love to do that!

      After I took all those wildflower pictures in June, I thought I might publish a wildflower book to sell. Checking into self publishing…

      Thank you for your kind comments! 😊

        • Wow! Speechless here! Thank you SO much! I’ll have to do some research on that!

          Thank you for saying I’m so talented. Truly, that’s amazing of you to say. Before I had my son, I was all about photography. I worked in a commercial photography processing studio (we processed slides). I worked at a camera repair shop. I was an assistant for a travel photographer. My photos won ribbons at local fairs. I’ve always dreamt of getting my own photographs out into the world. Maybe it’s time. 💜

  1. Glad you grabbed that camera, Jessica! These photographs are terrific – I can feel the force behind that threatening storm, love the detail of equipment and even the prickles of the plant are crystal clear. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

    • Hey sweet girl. Thank you so much. I love that you noticed the details of each photograph. It’s almost like you were standing beside me and saw what I saw…

    • Hey girl! I figured you were busy. I miss you, too! Sorry to hear it’s so hot. It’s heading this way, I hear. We’ve been at my folks since Friday and it’s been storming then muggy. Steamy almost. We head home today. 90’s there. Wish we had a pool at home!! May have to go to the creek when we get home!

      The windmill is a miniature (about 8 ft). It’s in mom and dad’s yard. Decorative. Love it, too! 😊 You take care and stay cool. Feel free to email me if you want.

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