Introducing “The Merle”

Are you a sentimental sap like me?

For Father’s Day, I made a list of 49 things I love about my dad. You can read it here, if you like. 

#47 was kind of hard for me to write because I’ve been carrying around the “you didn’t dance with your dad” regret on my shoulder like an invisible library book bag ever since.

Man, after 17 years, that got heavy.

On many occassions, I’ve contemplated crawling back into my wedding dress and asking my dad for that dance, but when it came to actually asking, it seemed a bit silly. 

Recently I found out that my friend has been carrying around the same missed dance regrets, only hers is worse because her dad, Merle, passed away 10 years ago…

Because of that, and in honor of her and her dad, I finally got up the nerve to ask my dad for that father/ daughter wedding dance. 

He was shocked, we both got a little teary, and then, mom put on some music. 

I wasn’t in a fancy gown, and the 30 guests who attended our mountain-side wedding didn’t see it, but it was genuine. 

Honestly, in a way I’m kind of glad that dance didn’t happen 17 years ago because I’m certain if it had, we wouldn’t have done the do-over dance in my parent’s living room 2 days ago. 

I just have to tell you, it was the BEST DANCE EVER! 

Little Bit and my mom were dancing, too. And, after we finished, mom and dad looked into each other’s eyes and moved about the room. 

The last time I saw them dance was at a friend’s wedding years ago, so there are no words to describe what it was like seeing that again. 

Life’s gifts piled up that day and I was finally able to set that book bag of regret down. Oh, and that belated wedding dance with my dad? 

It will go down in my family history books  as the greatest father/ daughter wedding dance ever, also known as “The Merle”.

18 thoughts on “Introducing “The Merle”

  1. So, so glad you got to dance with your dad Jessica. :) I still remember the dance I had with my dad at my wedding, he was such a quiet and reserved man who had a hard time showing affection so it meant the world to me. Hugs my sweet friend :)

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    • Hey sweetie. Thank you so much. I was soooooo excited afterwards, that I couldn’t wait to tell you I danced with my dad. One of the reasons I decided 17 years was long enough was tied into Karen’s experience, too. I almost told you about that, but decided to save that part so you could read it here. 💜

      I’m so glad that you got to dance with your dad at your wedding. I bet that was truly a heartwarming moment. Especially if he was reserved. All the more meaningful. 💜

      I hope to take you up on your original idea on #47 and ask dad to dance with me on their 50th wedding anniversary in April.

      Look for a post following that, called “The Miriam”. 😊💜❤️

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  2. “Life’s gifts.” YOU are one of mine…and I can hardly see the keys right now. I can’t begin to tell you what that dance means to me. My dad, Merle, is surely shedding a few tears from heaven now. Thank you, Jess. Thanks to your very kind dad. I so wish I could have seen you all dancing around that room. Where are the darned Kleenex when you need them?! I’m dribbling all over….

    Oh, man, I am speechless…

    Yes, dad has been gone now for 10 years, but I’m sure he’s doing a little soft shoe in the clouds right now. <3 <3 <3

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    • Oh my gosh, Karen, gimme those kleenexes back!!!! Truly, your sentiments have turned me into a blubbery, but happy, mess. I really wish I could’ve met your dad. I would’ve been in line to dance with him, right behind you. Love and hugs, girl! ❤️

      PS You had me crying at “YOU are one of mine”…


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