When stores have “Grab bags”, are you ever so curious about what is inside the bag, that you buy one?

My blogging friend, Annika, found the coolest book shop that has a similar idea, except it is done with books. I LOVE that! It’s sort of like that singing show on tv, called “The Voice”.

Only instead of choosing singers by voice alone, books can be chosen by a few words alone. Now THAT is an amazing concept!

Thank you for letting me share, Annika. 

This has given me ideas for other things as well. Like, wouldn’t it be neat to buy a few of those books for Christmas or birthday gifts and let family or friends pick the one that sparks their interest?

How fun!

19 replies to “BLIND DATE BOOKS

  1. Jessica, thank you ever so much for the reblog and so happy you also love this concept. Anything to pique my interest and wonderful analogy with The Voice show! Do tell me if you come across it your part of the world! Wanted to reply earlier but as you know on my holidays and only just got wifi for a couple of days. Hope you’re having a lovely summer. Hugs

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    1. Hi sweet, girl. Hope you’re enjoying all that non-wifi time with forests and beaches. Thanks again for letting me share such an amazing story! I’m not sure if any book shops in the US do this. Not that I’ve seen. It would be a fun idea for a yard sale, don’t you think? People always pass by books, but I bet if there was a hint of mystery, they’d sell quick! :)

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    1. Hi Miri!!! I’ve missed you. I thought maybe you were out winter camping or something. :) Yes, I’m pretty much in love with this book idea.

      Annika is pretty great. I love her blog. :)

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          1. Ohhhhh. I’ve got to read that! I saw the pictures. Thanks for reminding me.

            I bet you do miss him. Seems like time can drag on when they’re gone… :)

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          2. Seeing her today. And yes, I kissed her cheek for you on Friday!
            I meant to say before, “come on over and meet our newest family” … I’ve missed you too! :) ♥

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