A Great Cause With a Great View

Isn’t serendipity a wonderful thing? 

Sometimes when things seem pretty ordinary, fate grabs our hand and says, “Looky here.”

A few days ago, it was a regular Saturday afternoon. Little Bit and I decided to go to the dollar store. 

As we pulled onto the main business street in town, we saw a helicopter. Like landing. IN town!

A half block later,  in a small shopping center’s parking lot, we saw orange cones and a line of people. 

Instantly, I remembered I’d seen an ad for a fundraiser. A helicopter ride in exchange for a designated donation.

After a quick call to my husband and a stop at the ATM, we were in line. The tail end of the line to be exact. Like the very, very last in line. 

It was 1:50 pm and the pilot had to leave town at 2:30 pm. They said the last flight would be at 2:25 pm.

Uh oh.

I did a quick bit of math in my head. With rides being 4 minutes each, plus load and unload time, our chances were looking very slim. 

Which for me, either way, it would have been ok, but come on! Little Bit was really excited! 

We crossed our fingers and waited. 

Time ticked… and ticked…

I found myself silently pleading with the helicopter gods, “PLEASE, my kiddo will be so disappointed.”

2:10 pm tick tick tick


2:20 pm WE BOARDED!!

Thank you, Fate! 

Up over our town we flew, for a great cause with a great view. 

23 thoughts on “A Great Cause With a Great View

    • Hi Sylvia, oh you’re right! He was loving it! Looked so cute in his headset and hearing him talk over the speaker was awesome! It was fun to see every street in town. And, to be over people’s swimming pools was really neat. :)

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    • I know, can you believe that worked out!! We had so much fun! See that one picture with lots of green, trees, and little cement looking things? That’s the town cemetery. See our helicopter shadow on the ground?

      You get to see the sky view of town and some folks around here never have seen town from up there either. That’s pretty neat!

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