30 replies to “Striking Up The Band

  1. Just lovely! Thank you for sharing Jessica. Truly a creative post.
    We have lots of cicadas that strike up their own bands and mocking birds that accompany them.

    Please enjoy a lovely day!

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          1. I have never experienced a writers block, my problem is I have too many things to write about and too little time. Children are a delight but swallow up my time, like cold water in summer days. :)

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          2. Wow! No writer’s block?
            I get that too sometimes, too, where words want to fall out and there’s no time to grab a pen. :)

            Have you ever verbally recorded your ideas for later? I use Notes on my phone, and jot down ideas when I can. :)

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    1. Hi. :) Thank you. Love how there were a couple of birds joining in for good measure. During the day and morning, the birds are quite chatty. At night, the frogs take the wheel. :)

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