Let’s Get Chatty

Are you ever gliding along in your day, and suddenly feel grateful? 

Like, completely out of the blue? A heart overflowing, lump in the throat kind of thankful? 

That happened to me like an hour ago. Just a normal day, then bam! Grateful. 

I LOVE that! 

It got me to thinking, what are YOU grateful for on this beautiful July day? 

22 thoughts on “Let’s Get Chatty

  1. I do often feel like that Jess, but today more than usual. We must be on the same wavelength again. :)
    For me today I’m grateful for a lot of things, a warm fire in my home, a dog at my feet, a clean house, a cake just out of the oven and a contentment that feels like it’s washed over me today.
    Gorgeous pics! xo :)

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