Greek Marinated Steak with Tzatziki

Way back in January, did you make a New Year’s resolution?

I generally make a list of a few and try to make it through the year with them all in tact.

When I saw this post, it ignited one of those stop-you-in-your-tracks lightbulb moments! I not only love that she chose a word of intention, but also that she picked JOY as her word!

Can you imagine? There is enough ability in that single word to turn any sort of day and any situation around. Just think of it!

Raining out? There’s joy in puddle jumping and flowers growing!
Weeds taking over the garden? Hey, something is growing!
Truck break down? There’s that joy-filled moment when someone stops to help and for the tow truck!

From now on, I think I’ll try choosing a word of intention as well. What an easy way to tell defeating thoughts to “vamoos! Scat! Be gone!”

Thank you so much, What’s For Dinner Moms?, for not only letting me reblog this, but for opening my eyes to the positive power of a single word.

Bonus? She shares an amazing recipe, too!

What's for Dinner Moms?

Greek Marinated Steak with Tzatziki

Back, what seems eons ago in January, I chose the word JOY as my word of intention through this year. My life got off track a bit and I was starting to get overwhelmed by health stuff and home stuff. I went back and read my resolution to choose JOY in making decisions and living life this year.  There is no reason for me to not choose it. The weather is sunny, the beach is a mile away, we are relatively healthy and we have what we need. My house may not look House Beautiful ready but it is what we need. It keeps us safe, dry and comfortable. It is a place where we are feed emotionally and physically. We are okay. Sometimes I just need to be reminded it is okay for me to be joyful.

So last night we cooked out. I had a steak marinating all…

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