The Sunflower’s Babies

Earlier this week we were in the back yard and Little Bit asked me if I could water the sunflowers. 

I turned around to see that their beautiful blooms were hanging heavy, looking towards the ground. 

Seems that their days of posing for pictures have been replaced by the need to work to produce seeds. 

I’ve been keeping an eye on them and watching them change. The petals are drying up some and falling to the grass leaving a small bit of yellow. 

I love how nature knows it’s job and just gets it done. 

A few minutes ago, I walked out there and got the biggest surprise! 

In the crooks of the stems, where the leaves grow, the sweetest little flowers are blooming! 

The sunflower’s babies. 

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 108)

Do you like surprises?

Oh man, me too!

Tuesday morning I woke up to find that our own little Skunk (kitten) made his Tummy Rub Tuesday debut on the website Katzenworld!

He looks so cute on there with all the others.

When I started my blog last October, this is one of the first sites that I followed. I LOVE it. I can’t tell you how many ideas and tips I have gotten reading articles there.

If you love cats, you may want to check it out. Also, if you’d like, I’m told you can sure submit pictures of your cat for Tummy Rub Tuesday as well. How cool is that?

Thank you, Marc-Andre, for sharing our little green-eyed sweetie. Even though “Mr. Sleeping Beauty” will probably never know he has been seen around the world, I truly appreciate that he was chosen! That’s beyond kind!


A week ago Friday night, my husband rounded a corner on the way home just as four deer were jumping the fence. 

The pavement was wet from an earlier downpour, and after colliding with one, his truck slid across the road, hit a deep ditch, slid some more, and landed six feet from a power pole. 

He is ok. The truck didn’t fare too well. It’s in the shop, resting up, and getting repaired. 

I about fell over when we went to pick up the rental car. The name of the car suits us quite well for a lot of reasons, but especially after this adventurous week we’ve had. 

It is a Journey. 

Dodge Journey. 


Every day this week, we have taken a drive around sunset. Early yesterday evening, we found ourselves on the gravel road near our home that leads to the river.

The road makes a hard right and winds around a bit. About a half a mile down is an old, ratty cement bridge.

It is perched above a creek bed that’s almost always dry. A glance to the right reveals gravel. Same to the left, well except for one deep hole. 

If you catch the light just right, it’s good for seeing a reflection of the trees and sky.

So, like usual, we stopped to look, then continued on our way. 

About 20 feet later, I spotted some gorgeous wildflowers in the ditch and I could not pass them by! 

I put the truck in park, made my way over to them, and started taking pictures. 

Then, I saw it. 

The butterfly. 

Like the worn cement bridge, this fella has maybe seen better days. The edges of his wings seemed weathered, his colors were definitely faded. 

Instead of black and a vibrant blue, he was more of a matted, deep sort of gray. The wing tips looked like he’d spent a lifetime in storms, fighting unbearable winds. 

I’ve got to be honest here, he was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

You know those old fashioned quilts that have frayed edges and are covered in patches? 

The kind that as soon as you pick them up, you can feel a life well lived and love oozing out of them? 

That was him. Happiness with wings.

I’d love to say he noticed me, but I doubt he did. He was too busy having a snack and enjoying an evening among those yellow petaled beauties, bathed in grace, yet tattered. 


Getting a Little Lost

Do you ever pick a direction and just start driving? 

Like with no map or GPS? 

Sounds a bit scary right? 

I mean, why would anyone do such a thing in this day and age of always knowing exactly where we’re going and right where we’ve been? 

Honestly, it’s just something we do. 

For fun. 

Yesterday was one of those days we needed to stay home. We’ve been gone every day for a week. 

I’m pretty sure that same poor load of clothes I’ve washed three times in a row, was begging me to put them in the dryer.

Yeah, I’m definitely behind on my chores. Too bad those darn dishes don’t wash themselves! 

So yesterday, I drew the line. “We’re not going anywhere. We’re staying home!”, I told myself. I had too much to do.


I did get some chores done.

But by 6 p.m., I had my keys in my hand and we were off! 

We’ve been on nearly every southern and eastern backroad in this county, so we chose one we hadn’t been on and headed north. 

There we were, just me and Little Bit, windows down, hair blowing, Bob Seager blaring in the speakers. 

It’s  getting close to the change of season here. It’s still summer, yet the smell of fall is in the air and that made for a really amazing drive. 

Our route took us through a couple of tiny towns we’ve never been to, and ended at a road we’ve been on a million times.

Chasing the sunset, we ended up in a neighboring town at a park we love and had just enough light left for some picture taking. 

What a glorious evening. 

On the way back, a giant moon introduced itself over an open pasture, and led us home. 

My, how I love drawing out these long days of summer and making memories just by getting a little lost. 


Where Have You Been?

Have you ever seen a wood worker take a board and make something beautiful out of it?

That’s what Sandy does with words.

I’m sharing this for my lovely mom to see. She loves the Rockies.

Thank you, Sandy, for being so inspiring.

Out of My Write Mind

Proud and tall
They stood,
Clouds casting
A mosaic of shadows
From above

Flung wide
The horizon,
Of a scale
All else

Donning patches
Of white
Atop their
Pointy heads,
Even in
Mid July

Beckoning with
The promise of
Warm, sunny
Perfectly chilled

The senses

Bidding a
Warm welcome
To my
Away from

Have been
For you,”
On the



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