Those Zinnias

Do you have any favorite seasonal flowers? 

If you’ve been here a month or two, you may remember my posts about the gorgeous Queen Anne’s Lace that lined both sides of our road in June/ July. 

It was soooooo amazing. I found myself out there like everyday, taking pictures. You can see some here, if you like. 

A little bit ago, I was out walking and noticed that Miss Summer Sun has taken her toll on those beauties. 

There are still a few in bloom, but the majority seem to have packed up their vacation bags and put on their autumn hats. 

Well, lucky for us, we planted some seeds. The cosmos in the garden have worked really hard for two months, and they’re starting to emerge. The buds are quite breathtaking. 

Our sunflowers haven’t opened up yet, but they’re already set to dazzle, by being way taller than me. 

The flower pot in front of our house is the real show stopper! It’s brimming with pinks and yellows, from seed packets that Little Bit picked out.

I’ll never forget that day in the store, when he was so excited to choose the flowers he wanted to grow. 

And, they grew! 

Every time I glance out the window or make my way up the sidewalk, my heart makes a big ol’ smiley face.

Mother Nature makes it really easy to get our hearts all wrapped up in petals and stems. 

And, on any normal occasion I’d say I like all flowers…

But, today, I just have to tell you, oh, how I love those zinnias! 

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