Follow the SUN flowers

Last night I went out to check to see if the sunflowers were any closer to blooming. 

They were facing the west and looking oh so lovely, as the sun was saying her nightly “rest wells.” 

This morning, and this is no joke, all of those same plants are literally facing the other direction! 

East. Towards the sun. 

I ran for my camera. 

I checked the Cosmos and Zinnias. They look the same as always, heads held high, in no particular direction. 

How glorious! I’ve never seen such a thing as a “look” change from sunset to sunrise. That Mother Nature sure has some tricks up her sleeve. 

Every time I think about it, I smile. In fact, I think I’ll change the name of our lovely garden guests to: Follow the SUN Flowers. 

21 thoughts on “Follow the SUN flowers

    • Hey sweet girl!! How are you? What a great surprise! I didn’t expect to “see” you. Are you still on holiday?

      Thank you for your compliment about my photos. I love photographing flowers. That’s a great observation about turning the plants. I hadn’t noticed that before but it makes so much sense. :)

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      • Oh definitely makes sense – just imagine how we turn to face the sun during the day! I’m back in the UK for a week before heading off again – to your sunny shores of the US!!! Super excited as this will be my first visit to Florida – going with my Mum so a special time for us ‘girls’! Manic time to get everything sorted and turned around for heading away again. Just had to pop by and say hi to you.

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