Remember my sunflowers that are getting ready to bloom? 

I just came in from checking on them and thought this would be the perfect follow-up for the post on paying attention to time and fleeting moments. 

Cameras are the most amazing things! Since they have the ability to nearly stop time in its tracks, I took my camera with me to the garden to have a look. 

My, I got lucky! The sunset was kind enough to raise the curtain high tonight! It delivered the perfect back drop to catch those emerging petals in this moment. 

What a gift! 

Just look at these beauties that are not quite ready to bloom yet, but almost. 

22 thoughts on “Almost

    • Annika!!!! So glad to “see” you today! How are you? Not in the states yet I’m guessing.

      Thank you for the amazing feedback! You would’ve gotten a kick out me taking those pictures!

      About a half hour before, a storm came and we had a huge downpour, which prompted that pretty sky.

      Needless to say, the garden was a muddy mess. My dog and cat were quite amused, I’m sure, watching me trying to stay upright on a step stool and not to sink into the mud!

      The flowers are a few feet above me, so step stool was a must! :)

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  1. My thoughts exactly, more like a painting than a photo, I had to read your words again to make sure. Beautiful. They are stunning, showy flowers. We used to have growing competitions but our children got fed up being beaten every year! We had certificates and prizes lol!

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