Wisdom From an Old Father: “Mind Time” ~ By Denis Ian

Do you ever notice how the minutes every day race by when we’re not even paying attention?

Whenever I walk by the clock in my home, I hear the tick tock of hands that are always moving.

A few days ago, when I was taking a picture of my sweet little son, I had a flash of how quickly the months are passing. It seems like yesterday we were making our summer fun list and here it is almost mid August. How does that even happen?

Sometimes I want to jump up and down on the brakes of time. I want to holler at the tops of my lungs, “Time, aren’t you tired of running so fast? How about sitting yourself down for awhile? Take a load off, get some rest.”

Yet time doesn’t grab for the chair and the days keep ticking away…

Enter this story.

The photo caught my eye, then the title. I guess I’m at a stage in my life that if someone is willing to offer a bit of wisdom, I pay attention.

A few words in, I was glued to it. The author definitely has a way with words about life and the concept of time.

Before I even got to the end, I knew you’d love it and would want to read it, too.

Kindness Blog

I’m an old father now. Suddenly it seems.

My sons have sons. I own lots of memories. I polish the sweet ones and never dust the ones that hurt.

I mind time now. I didn’t used to. In fact, like lots of you, I was reckless with time. Not any longer.

When I was a boy of about 9 or so, I had the temporary misfortune of being the last to the dinner table … and that meant sitting just to the left of my father. That was like sitting next to the district attorney … or the pope. My brothers loved my dilemma … because that’s what brothers do. It’s in the Irish Manual of Life.

So … there I was … waiting for my moment of challenge. The knives were clanging plates and there were two or three different conversations happening around this table with the fat legs…

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14 thoughts on “Wisdom From an Old Father: “Mind Time” ~ By Denis Ian

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Jessica. I was just talking with my grandson and he said, “I’m going to be 16”, I told him “slow down, I’m still having great time with you as 15!!” Time – SLOW DOWN

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    • Hi Miri. You’re welcome. Something was screaming at me to share it. I’m glad you connected to it. Time passes so swiftly. It’s like we reach out to try to grab it and it’s moved on…

      How are you feeling?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I alternate between extreme sadness and feeling as though there’s a huge hole in my heart to feelings of love and gratitude for what she left me. To be honest inside I’m a mess but there’s a lot of love surrounding me so I’m blessed. Thank you for asking my sweet friend ♥♥

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        • I can’t imagine the size of that hole… Even though she wasn’t quite herself for those 17 months, she was still here. I’m guessing that even though she’s at peace, the emptiness seems swallowing. I don’t know your heartache, but I’m here for you. My mom knows your heartache, that’s why she cries with you… I cry with you, my friend.

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          • Oh Jessica, my sweet friend, how blessed I am to have met you. Yes, I feel hollow at the moment and a dull ache and emptiness inside that seems so intense. Give your mum a hug for me. She sounds so very special. xo

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            • I can’t even imagine how much you miss her. It reminds me of my grandma Wilma. She was 96 and ready to move on to the Heavenly gates and arrived peacefully, but it’s so easy to want her back.

              The head knows your mum is running streets of gold, no longer trapped in a brain that doesn’t work quite right, but the heart can’t quite get used to the idea that she’s gone… In those moments you think you might crumble, imagine mom on one side of you and me on the other. ❤️

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