29 thoughts on “It’s Showtime 

    • Holy moly!! “Thank you” is too small of a reply for your comment. How about: wow, I can’t tell you what it means to me that you think my photography is stunning and that you’re blown away?!?!


    • Hi. Thank you. Just kept my eye on it. They change so much in one day and even day to day. I can see them out my kitchen window and as soon as I saw yellow I ran out there. It’s so fun to watch them. There’s 2 open now and a 3rd getting close. They work so hard from a tiny seed. Pretty neat. Thanks so much for commenting. :)


    • Hi Debra. Thank you so much! We’ve been having the best time watching those flowers. As soon as we see petals, I’m out the door with step stool in hand.

      Saturday night I got to witness an amazing sunset via that step stool. Then, a hummingbird flew right up, saw me, then took off. Don’t think he was expecting a human at 8 feet up! :)

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