Getting a Little Lost

Do you ever pick a direction and just start driving?

Like with no map or GPS? 

Sounds a bit scary right?

I mean, why would anyone do such a thing in this day and age of always knowing exactly where we’re going and right where we’ve been?

Honestly, it’s just something we do.

For fun.

Yesterday was one of those days we needed to stay home. We’ve been gone every day for a week.

I’m pretty sure that same poor load of clothes I’ve washed three times in a row, was begging me to put them in the dryer.

Yeah, I’m definitely behind on my chores. Too bad those darn dishes don’t wash themselves!

So yesterday, I drew the line. “We’re not going anywhere. We’re staying home!”, I told myself. I had too much to do.


I did get some chores done.

But by 6 p.m., I had my keys in my hand and we were off!

We’ve been on nearly every southern and eastern backroad in this county, so we chose one we hadn’t been on and headed north.

There we were, just me and Little Bit, windows down, hair blowing, Bob Seager blaring in the speakers.

It’s  getting close to the change of season here. It’s still summer, yet the smell of fall is in the air and that made for a really amazing drive.

Our route took us through a couple of tiny towns we’ve never been to, and ended at a road we’ve been on a million times.

Chasing the sunset, we ended up in a neighboring town at a park we love and had just enough light left for some picture taking.

What a glorious evening.

On the way back, a giant moon introduced itself over an open pasture, and led us home.

My, how I love drawing out these long days of summer and making memories just by getting a little lost. 

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