A week ago Friday night, my husband rounded a corner on the way home just as four deer were jumping the fence. 

The pavement was wet from an earlier downpour, and after colliding with one, his truck slid across the road, hit a deep ditch, slid some more, and landed six feet from a power pole. 

He is ok. The truck didn’t fare too well. It’s in the shop, resting up, and getting repaired. 

I about fell over when we went to pick up the rental car. The name of the car suits us quite well for a lot of reasons, but especially after this adventurous week we’ve had. 

It is a Journey. 

Dodge Journey. 

43 thoughts on “Journey

  1. I am glad that your husband is fine. Is the truck ready to go yet? You know, whenever I see these signs “Deer Crossing”, “Moose Crossing” I always get excited. I mean mostly all we see is “No Passing” or “Rest Area” and such mundane signs. But there is another side to the deer/moose crossing signs too I guess.

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  2. Oh Jess, thank God your hubby was okay, what a fright, too close for comfort. Sounds similar to when we hit a kangaroo and her joey recently, it’s always so upsetting but I’m so glad he’s okay. Take care in your rental, what a fitting name!

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  3. So glad your hubby is good. I hit a young deer on a journey home from a healing massage much needed when my dad was terminally ill. I sat on the road side with the deer who was shaking with fear, but sadly it had to be shot by the gamekeeper. I cried for the deer and I cried for my dear dad. In Native American wisdom the deer symbolises gentleness. I have never forgotten that night.

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  4. It’s wonderful that everyone stopped to offer assistance. How lovely! But still, what a scare! I can’t imagine how terrified you must have been when you were checking on your hubby not knowing what to expect. Fortunately he got out OK! xx


    • Oh my, don’t you know! I had to crawl down in that ditch and open his truck door!! I thought he was hurt and in it. He got out before we arrived and was down the ditch a ways.

      A really cool thing happened while we were there though. I had to park my truck in the road and had my flashers on because it was dark. Five cars came by and all FIVE stopped and asked if we needed help- on a dark country road at night!! I love this town… :)

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  5. So thankful your husband is okay! We live in an area where there are a lot of deer too. They seem to just come out of nowhere, all of a sudden they are in the road. I certainly believe in Guardian Angels. He needs the little medallion that clips on to his visor when he gets his truck back!! It’s so scary to see how in the blink of an eye……… Life is fragile, handle with Prayer
    Have fun going on Journeys in the Journey

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    • Oh my goodness, that’s a FABULOUS idea!!! I’m getting him one of those for his visor.

      I bet you have a ton of deer out there. And you’re right, they just appear sometimes. There is usually deer in the field at that corner and they often do cross, but usually in October/ November. This is so early. And, who would ever expect 4 at once?!

      The insurance company said he’d already had 4 deer/ car incidents on our road that week. The guy at the car rental place said they’d had 10 people in to rent cars recently that have all hit deer.

      I LOVE your last line: Journeys in the Journey💜

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      • It is early, you are right it’s usually October when the deer get into their rut, and are so active. Maybe this is a sign that we will have an early fall, or could be that there are just too many deer. Deer do need to be harvested, by other means than car accidents! 4 accidents on your road! That’s a lot. Do they damage your plants in your yard? BE CAREFUL

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        • I wish they’d come eat these weeds! I’ve been cutting weeds in my flower bed all afternoon. Don’t feel like I’m making any progress!

          We have had a momma and twins the past couple of springs. Usually in the fall we have a group of 8-10 that comes in the yard to feed at night. In winter months if it’s a hard winter, we sometimes put corn out with the bird feed. They’re so pretty. Don’t like when they get hit.

          I watch real close on the roads. Annoys people behind me as they are always in a hurry and I’m going 30 mph and watching ditches! Ha!


    • He was shaken and sore. We haven’t quite figured out how he walked out of it. Guardian Angels worked hard that night. Sounds like you understand the deer thing. They are beautifully unpredictable. :)

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      • It must have shaken you too when you sat and thought about what might have happened. My husband uas had 2 bike accidents in 2 years and despite blood and broken bones, I was all efficiency in the moment, making calls, stopping him having a cup of tea (‘I’ll be alraight when I’ve had a cup of tea and something to eat!!’), getting him a lift to the hospital (I don’t drive) etc. But afterwards I was shaking like a leaf.

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        • Oh my gosh!! That sounds rough! How lucky that you were able to get down to business at the moment, so to speak. I’m familiar with those thoughts that come later…

          He was within a mile or so from home. He called and said he’d hit a deer, the truck is totaled and could I come. I was expecting him to be parked on the road… Nope. It was dark and the water in that ditch was knee high. I scared to death to open his door… But, he was safe. I cried about it for 2 days. About the GRATITUDE that comes with the sense of luck when something almost tragic happens. ❤️

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