Cave Glitter

It’s Labor Day weekend here and instead of going to a busy, popular place like a lake, we headed to the woods. 

Saturday, we stepped out of our 80 degree day, and into a cave that we love and have visited many times. 

There’s no fee and no tour guide. It’s one of those places where beauty awaits, if you’re brave enough to crawl through the entrance…

Inside, we almost needed a jacket and even though it’s September, we could see our breath. 

Then, I saw something so amazing! 

The water condensation was pooled up in spots on the ceiling, that almost had me believing we were at a party! 

Just look at that sparkly silver and gold cave glitter.

34 thoughts on “Cave Glitter

  1. Woaah! Where is this place ?? Looks awesome. Glitter wow. What a fun and swell way to spend the holiday. And did you say midwest? I am somewhere in the midwest too :P I am a little wary of posting my location online so that is why I do not reveal it. If you are comfortable with it you can let me know the cave place through my talk and tweet section of the blog so that it will directly come to me :)

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    • That’s exactly how I feel. It’s pretty scary to give exact locations online, never know who’s reading… I didn’t know there was a Talk section. I’ll have to look. I’m wayyyyyyy behind and don’t have Twitter! Ha!


      • Hehe. Don worry about twitter :P Even I do not use it though I have an account :D And I get it about the location thing :) I am the same :P
        For your pictures though you could use instagram I suppose. With the right tags you could share all this awesomeness with like-minded people from all over the world.


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