Small Town Living

Remember the days of cake-walks and cook-offs? Of saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall? 

Today we went to Harvest Days up on our town square. Booths full of crafts and treats lined the block while a band played on the courthouse steps. 

To me, it felt almost like stepping into a memory book. I remember the small town festivals of my childhood and they hold a special place in my heart. 

There’s something sort of heartwarming about all the people of a town coming together to celebrate the seasons.

Pumpkins and mums were spread about and looked so welcoming after the hot days of summer. 

Even the roses bushes were busy making their debut. 

We entered our Fall “Free”dom Bars in the dessert contest, colored with sidewalk chalk in the street, and ended the day two blocks over with a helicopter ride. 

Then, something occurred to me when we got home. Today is the very last Saturday of summer that my Little Bit will ever have while he’s 9.  

How cool is it that we got to spend it doing all these wonderful things? 

Here’s to the changing of seasons, making more childhood memories, and of course, to small town living. 

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