Meet Me

Do you ever find yourself right on the edge of brave? 

Toes on the line, feet firmly planted, trying to decide whether to step backwards or forwards? 

Back, safe. 

Forward, unknown. 

That’s where I find myself standing right now. 

You see, since I started this blog nearly a year ago, I’ve never posted one single picture of what I look like now. 

There is one picture from when I was a kid, but there are zero of me all grown up. 


Because posting pictures online completely freaks me out! 

I’m sure that sounds crazy, I mean all of my friends and family have pictures on Instagram and Facebook. 

Not me. 

I don’t put pictures of myself online. At all. 

Remember in that movie “Pretty Woman” when Julia Robert’s character says she’s a bum magnet? 

Well, there’s a running joke that I’m a weirdo magnet. It’s true.  

If there’s one within 250,000 miles, they’ll find me… 

So, I have a tendency to set up a zip code in self-protective mode. 

The whole idea of it seems kind contradictory to me, because when I was 20, my parents let me go to modeling school. 

Boy, did I have big dreams. 

Scratch that. I had huge dreams! 

I wanted to be famous and have my face plastered on magazine covers all over the world. (Gotta love a young person’s vivacious will.) 

Now, here I am afraid of being seen. 

Isn’t that ironic? 

A few days days ago, I spilled my guts about my health journey this past year and your response has been incredible. 

I’m absolutely humbled by all the compassion and understanding in your comments and well wishes. 

And, quite honestly, to me, that is what true friendship is all about. 

Yesterday something really, really strange occurred to me and I suddenly had an urge to post my photo. 

Like on here. 

Two weeks ago would I have ever done it? No way. 

But after my health post, I realized something. 

Almost all of my Facebook followers personally know me. Maybe we went to school together, are related, are lifelong friends, or are new friends, but at some point, most of us have all seen each other.

But, a handful of my Facebook followers and all you kind bloggers have never seen me and have only  gotten to know me through my words alone. 

That is so amazing.

I think today is a good day to send out a gigantic thank you to every single person who reads my blog. 

Thank you for sticking around, for coming back, for your kind remarks, and for sharing your unending support of me and my writing. 

So, picture this:

I’m standing here at the threshold of brave and instead of retreating backwards like usual, I’m going to do it! 

I’m jumping forward with both feet!

Thanks for being here! 

Meet me! 

Now and at 20❤️

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