Day 148 – Dog Walk Challenge

Do your pets ever do anything that makes you double over in laughter?

Oh man, ours do. Seems like animals can certainly be entertaining.

Yesterday I was looking through some new blog posts when a cat sitting in a cooler caught me eye. I immediately thought of our new cat, Skunk! That is totally something he would do.

Then, I laughed so hard when I read the what happened next and I knew you’d want to see this, too. It is hilarious!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Travels With Choppy yet, you may want to check it out. She is sooooooo creative and very, very nice!

Thank you, Sarah, for letting me share Choppy and Schooner! I just know a laugh will be a great way for everyone to start the day!

Travels with Choppy

Day 148 – yesterday – was also International Rabbit Day. Appropriately, there were many bunnies seen on the morning walk.

Date: September  24, 2016
Location: Mishawaka, Indiana
Length: 1.3 Miles
Who: Sarah

img_6580 About ten seconds after I took this picture, Choppy came over and scared Schooner. Schooner jumped about six feet straight in the air and right into the kitchen sink. He then proceeded to run all over the counters, where he is not allowed. If only I had put the camera on video…

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31 thoughts on “Day 148 – Dog Walk Challenge

    • Ha ha. I agree. This weekend, Little Bit got a little car racing track that runs on its own. Skunk was so fascinated by it, he just sat there moving his head around while watching those cars zoom around. So funny!

  1. Pets are the funniest! When we were kids we had a dog (he was a stray and chose us) and always a cat or two. They were great entertainment.
    Now I just have chickens but they are also so much fun to watch.

    • Love those dogs that CHOOSE us. Out of nowhere they just show up! I bet you have some great per memories. I’m guessing chickens all have their own personalities!

          • They follow me around like they are dogs, they walk right up to people and start making their little “asking questions” clucks like we know what they are talking about. They can be walking calmly over the yard and just decide to take off running and trying to fly…..that one always puzzles me.

          • Wow! They sound quite social. :) Thanks for telling me. My mom always wants chickens, hasn’t convinced dad yet! Ha. I’d love to have some, but… Coyote population is rather high around here! :)

          • we have coyote, raccoons and possums. The girls go in the coop every night by themselves when it starts getting dark. I then lock them in or critters out…..depending on perspective LOL.

          • Ah yes! All kinds of critters running about. They’re probably happy to not be eaten!

            Two nights ago I looked out of my patio table and there sat a possum eating my cat’s food. Poor cat was sitting on the deck rail hungry. Haha

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