In Song

Thursday night we had a massive thunderstorm. The lightning and thunder seemed to be in a fierce dual to try to out-do one another. 

Their squabble carried on so long, that Skunk, our cat, ran under the bed. A cat hiding from the weather? I’ve never heard of such a thing. 

With all that commotion, came rain. Lots of it. So, Friday evening, Little Bit and I set out to see what happened to all that water. 

I wish you would’ve been riding with us because, thunder and lightning aside, that storm transformed this place. 

On any normal day, there are several creek beds around here that never seem to contain a drop of rain. 

Well, that storm brought down the house!

If the trees and grass had hands, I’m sure they would’ve have been joyously clapping right along with us. 

You see, those babies were rockin’ and rollin’. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard a few of them break out in song. 

Moving On

Yesterday my husband accepted a new job with his company and we are officially going to pack up our life here and move it somewhere else. 

The gypsy-soul in me is super excited about all the “new” that will be coming our way. 

The old-fashioned-soul in me is pretty teary. 

Last weekend we drove over there just to look around. 

I just have to tell you, it is gorgeous! The trees, the rolling hills, the rivers, and even the farmland are so beautiful and actually remind me of home. 

It seems kind of funny to me how comfortable can take up residence in our cozy lives, then suddenly adventure comes knocking at the back door.

 Adventure wins this time! We decided we will be moving on. 

Fix the Foyer

Are you a fan of stuffing? 

When the holidays come, do you picture yourself sitting at the table, scooping out a mound onto your plate? 

Me? Not so much. 

Like ever. When that bowl gets passed around the table, it goes right by me. 

Just the idea of stuffing a bunch of stuff into a space simply because it’s empty, doesn’t really appeal to me too much. 

Yuck, as a matter of fact! 

Which is why this morning, I found myself laughing as I stood at the abyss of the toy room doorway. 

Granted, balls, games, books, racetracks, stuffed animals, magic kits, coloring books, and musical instruments aren’t technically the same as bread crumbs, raisins, and apples, but the idea is somewhat similar. 

Hey, this is empty- let’s put it here! 


Nearly every day for the past month I’ve found myself telling Little Bit, “I am going to clean the toy room today!” 

But… maybe not. 

Each time I set foot across that door’s threshold, I turn around,  scrambling for the nearest exit. 

Whew, made it out of there! 

So, I knew I was going to have to come up with a plan for actually getting something done in there. 

Enter Bee Organized With Pamela

You want to talk about some tips for taming clutter? She’s got amazing ideas. 

A few days ago she had a post asking if we wanted to park in our garages this year. 

Like, in it? 

I can’t remember the last time I could. When I commented, I mentioned the toy room, and she gave me some fabulous tips. 

I was all fired up. 

Well, despite my “good” intentions, I didn’t get anything done in there that day. At all. 

But, for some crazy reason this morning, I had on my imaginary “I can do this” boots. 

And, I just have to say, I rocked that room! 

I got everything moved out! 

Afterwards, I texted my mom. Her response? 

“Where’s all the stuff?”


Next on my To-Do List?

Fix the foyer. 

Woo hoo! Toy room: 

Ugh! The foyer:

Church Is In Session

Don’t you just love how the older we get, the more things become clear?  

One of my favorite Sunday posts is by my friend, Debra, at She is doing an amazing series called Churches of the Prairie. (You can click the titles if you’d like to see.) 

Every Sunday morning I find myself scrambling to her blog to see what churches she discovered that week. 

Plus, I also love how she shares Sunday fellowship via photographs and tidbits of history. 

Little Bit and I always see country churches when we’re out on our driving adventures. 

Perhaps it’s my Iowa roots talking, but it seems like when we pass them, those buildings almost speak to me.

I always find myself wondering about their stories and days gone by. 

Of Sunday’s mornings with greeters standing in open doorways, welcoming every-one with a smile and warm handshake. 

Of packed seats, and people fanning themselves in the midst of summer’s heat. 

Of the sun streaming in through the stained glass, while winter’s icy breath fogs the outside windows. 

Of piano keys clattering and hymnal pages turning. 

Of voices rising to fill the atmosphere with melodies and soulful sounds. 

Of fond farewells, and “see you soons” to the racing  back home and climbing into play clothes. 

Of Sunday dinners with chicken frying,  biscuits baking, and apple pie cooling on the counter. 

Of love and laughter, sorrow and tears all mingled together in days full of grace. 

Pretty cool. 

And, as much as I love the idea and nostalgia in those buildings, I’ve come to realize some things these past few years. 

For me, Faith and the Sunday rituals of praise and singing don’t necessarily require a building. 

For me, those things are such a part of who I am, that some days I feel like I carry them around in my pocket. 

Recently, I told you about my health journey and showed you my picture, and now I thought it’d be great time to show you my church. 

You’ll probably notice there’s no building in sight. 

The pews are empty. 

And, you’d be right if you guessed I don’t make it down there every Sunday. 

But, the combination of all those things is exactly what’s so perfect about it. 

The stained glass is the blue sky.

Nature fills those empty seats. 

The wind whispers the chorus and tunes. 

This is where my husband and I were married.

To me, it’s as sacred of a place as anywhere I’ve ever been. 

I absolutely love sitting on those benches with Little Bit. He seems to be as glued to the place as I am. He usually starts singing unprompted. 

Every time we arrive there, I get out of the pickup feeling and saying the exact same thing: 

Church is in session“.