25 thoughts on “Today

    • You got that right sister! I keep hearing how October is the month of change. Best I can tell, that’s right on the money. Backroads rule. The sumac is starting to turn red now and the hickory leaves are turning yellow. So pretty. I bet those grasses are just beautiful.


    • Oh, thank you SO much! I was hoping someone would notice that picture. It’s like my favorite one ever. If you look, you can see a perfect outline of my pickup’s shadow! I’ve been trying to get a picture at that crossing for weeks. Then, finally, hit the sun at the right time. :) How lucky!

      I absolutely LOVE what you said. “Endless and more” truly are wonderfully descriptive words. And, may be well timed, too. Tomorrow MAY be a life changer for my family’s path. Your words have almost perfect timing and make me smile with the encouragement that pours out of them. :) Will let you know soon if big changes are on the horizon. :)

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