Fix the Foyer

Are you a fan of stuffing? 

When the holidays come, do you picture yourself sitting at the table, scooping out a mound onto your plate? 

Me? Not so much. 

Like ever. When that bowl gets passed around the table, it goes right by me. 

Just the idea of stuffing a bunch of stuff into a space simply because it’s empty, doesn’t really appeal to me too much. 

Yuck, as a matter of fact! 

Which is why this morning, I found myself laughing as I stood at the abyss of the toy room doorway. 

Granted, balls, games, books, racetracks, stuffed animals, magic kits, coloring books, and musical instruments aren’t technically the same as bread crumbs, raisins, and apples, but the idea is somewhat similar. 

Hey, this is empty- let’s put it here! 


Nearly every day for the past month I’ve found myself telling Little Bit, “I am going to clean the toy room today!” 

But… maybe not. 

Each time I set foot across that door’s threshold, I turn around,  scrambling for the nearest exit. 

Whew, made it out of there! 

So, I knew I was going to have to come up with a plan for actually getting something done in there. 

Enter Bee Organized With Pamela

You want to talk about some tips for taming clutter? She’s got amazing ideas. 

A few days ago she had a post asking if we wanted to park in our garages this year. 

Like, in it? 

I can’t remember the last time I could. When I commented, I mentioned the toy room, and she gave me some fabulous tips. 

I was all fired up. 

Well, despite my “good” intentions, I didn’t get anything done in there that day. At all. 

But, for some crazy reason this morning, I had on my imaginary “I can do this” boots. 

And, I just have to say, I rocked that room! 

I got everything moved out! 

Afterwards, I texted my mom. Her response? 

“Where’s all the stuff?”


Next on my To-Do List?

Fix the foyer. 

Woo hoo! Toy room: 

Ugh! The foyer:

57 thoughts on “Fix the Foyer

  1. Too funny. Hey Little Bit has some great toys! After my mom’s passing and going thru her treasurers and stuff, it made me go thru some of my things. It’s good to declutter – or at least move it to another room!
    PS I can get BOTH of my cars in my garage!

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    • HI!!! Oh how I’ve missed you!! :) No wonder we get along sooooooooo well. Junk queens! My drawers are overflowing and don’t even think about opening the hall closet!! Ha!

      The foyer is fixed! The toy room was transformed into a bedroom, and the dining room????

      It’s having its turn at stuffing! :)


  2. Hilarious! Pamela is not going to be happy when she see’s that ‘foyer’ pic – I can almost see her despairing now! She does have some great tips but you’re right – ACTION – it’s key. Well you certainly have acted this morning – that’s my sort of clearing up – shifting it from one room to the next for it to all be dragged back into the first room by my granddaughters at the weekend.. Ah well – life is fun! x Let me put my rubber gloves back on – I’m meant to be cleaning the bathroom…. x

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    • Hi there! Oh my gosh! You made me laugh! Glad I’m not the only “I’ll just put all this stuff HERE instead” type gal!

      I told Pamela I wish she could be here for FIVE MINUTES! A life raft in a sea of stuff… Ha!

      Ahhh. The bathroom. What fun! I’ve never understood why cleaning toilets became MY duty around here! We girls must be great at it I guess.

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      • Oh yes the bathroom!!! Having said that I made it clear ‘I Don’t Do Cars’ or ‘Dustbins’ – so I’m not sure who came off worst..hehe.. Bryan I suspect.. Well I made it and the bathroom is ‘sparkling’ – it’s been a bit too long overdue for a DEEP clean – yikes! Pamela is fabulous with her tips – I’d love to see her house.. I have this vision that she may just tidy the ‘corner’ of the room for the photo (don’t tell her I said so though – haha!).. Did you read her post on the ‘tupperware’ containers.. They are definitely like socks in my house – no matter how many I buy I end up with lids that don’t fit the bases and vice versa.. Now I’m sounding like a saddo so I’m going before I ruin my reputation completely! Have a great weekend.. xx

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        • Bravo! On the deep cleaning! I did that fun job last week and I’m pretty sure I heard the toilet say, “Bout time, lady!!”

          I know exactly what you mean about the Tupperware lids and socks! I always joke that our house swallows things. Like game pieces and pens! Seriously? Where do they go? I told my husband last week that I bet if we could pick this house up, there’d be a pile of missing goodies under it!

          While you were sparkling up your bathrooms, I CLEANED the foyer!!!! Of course, some of it is now cluttering up the dining room… But I’m am working on getting things back in their places! Ha!

          PS So glad you gave Miriam that lovely award. Because you did, we’ve now “met”. Welcome! β˜€οΈπŸŒ»πŸŒΈ

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          • Ooooo I’m impressed! We can be a pair of ‘sado’s’ together!!! It’s a good job my toilet can’t talk – I suspect it wouldn’t have been quite so polite as yours! haha..

            Yep – where do they go.. Although – my husband (many moons ago – he daren’t now haha!) once threw a hissy fit because he said there wasn’t ‘one pair of socks in the drawer’…. When I went through the drawer I paired up over 50 pairs of socks!!! (although there were still some odd stragglers lurking..) – He never dared say that again!!

            Now you see – you continued to ‘labour’ while I sat down with a cuppa so now I feel guilty but well done you for continuing your quest!

            It was Miriam who gave me the award.. I’m going to be doing mine very soon in return. However, you’re so right – I’ve met some lovely new bloggers as a result of Miriam’s award list who also share my ‘nutty’ sense of humour! Great to meet you.. now back to the rubber gloves! Have a great weekend.. xx

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  3. The more space you get, the more clutter you gather. That’s basic nature of we girls.
    I have about 100 pairs of colored earings, Bangles, necklaces, all cluttered in one drawer. Another filled with hair accesories, another with holy things. I wonder when I’m going to clean them and sort them out.
    I would have screamed the roof off, if I had seen that clutter of stuff, you have there.

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    • Hi there. Welcome. Love what you said. There may be a big lesson in it for me- more space= more clutter. Good luck with all your drawers. Sometimes I wonder if clutter was invented for a reason. In a world full of things we can’t control, we CAN choose what to do about cluttered rooms and when. Thanks for your insight! PS screaming the roof off is understandable! I quietly did the same! Ha!


  4. Haha tell me about it! We have a play room we use for keeping all the craft stuff, grandchildren’s games etc and as an office and garden room – can you imagine?! It has a connecting sliding door to the spare bedroom, again that is used for the grandchildren of varying ages and my 86 year old mum. It has loads of books, again of assorted ages, and toys. Not only that, but because this room is downstairs and near the back door, my husband chooses to change into his gardening/bike-repairing clothes in there so it is more often than not cluttered with clothes. And when we get any large packages or boxes, that’s also where they get unpacked and their contents stored until we get rid of the old version. Are you getting the idea? Also, whenever we have a tidy-out of other rooms or re-decorate them, this is where the contents come to die. Mum is due a visit, so once again we have to face sorting this room so she has no idea what a wreck it was before she came! Ps don’t ever look under our beds at this time 😱

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    • Oh man, you are sooooo great! I can totally picture your two rooms! Can you just imagine our rooms every time we approach the doorways with another arm load of stuff???? “Eeks! No! Not in here!!”

      Isn’t it kind of funny how easy it is to walk around a cluttered up room forever, but when the thought of someone else even catching a glimpse of it, whips cleaning it into high gear?

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  5. Hahaha From one room to another. But I can see that you’ve made progress and you’ve done a lot of sorting. Woo-hoo, go Jess. Clearing stuff is never an easy task. Nice to have a bit of inspiration too, Pamela’s site is pretty neat! :)

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    • Hi Miri. Ha! Yes! From one room to another sums it up quite well! You are SO right! It’s never an easy task. Seems easier to just close the door… I was laughing while writing my post. Always up for a good laugh! :) Yes, Pamela is awesome! So nice, too.

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