46 thoughts on “Or Two

  1. I just love the autumn and your photo’s are fab! I saw a brilliant post last week where pumpkins had been painted gold and used as very glamorous decorations – they looked amazing!


  2. What a fun time at the pumpkin patch. Did Little Bit go for a helicopter ride?? Great photos! I love autumn! I wished I had told you to pick up some of the small Pie Pumpkins. I have been baking them for puree and also they make fabulous french fries!!

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    • Yes! We rode the helicopter! It was so awesome to see the farmland from above! Maybe I can pick up some Pie Pumpkins. How do you make purée? And, I didn’t know you could make FRENCH FRIES!! How do you do that?

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      • I love the view from up above. Are there doors on the helio?

        Pumpkin purée is so easy. After you butcher and degut the pie pumpkin. Cut it into chunks and roast it. High heat until it’s tender. Then remove the rind and put into blender or food processor and purée. You might need to add a tablespoon of water if the pumpkin is a bit dry. Just don’t add too much,but if you do it can always be soup. For the fries I peeled it and then cut into French fry size pieces and tossed with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Place on sheet pan, don’t crowd and bake. My favorite fries are Acorn squash!!! Same method, peel, degut and slice then bake. You will love them. Remind me and I can sent you the actual recipe.

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        • There isn’t doors in the front seats. Last time LB sat up front. This time he sat in the back by me. You should’ve seen the cows. They looked sooo small. It was really neat to see the corn maze from above. Now I understand why we were lost! Ha!

          I’ve never even considered Acorn squash or pumpkins for fries! They sound amazing. I love both of those! Thank you so much for the cooking tips! I have two squash in my pantry right now! Yum!


    • Wish you were here! It was sooo fun! At first I freaked out that it was just Little Bit and me and a flashlight with not much battery, but then I thought about how fun it was to be in a cornfield at night.

      We had a blast. Of course, it was NOT haunted. You are way braver than I am!! :)

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