In Song

Thursday night we had a massive thunderstorm. The lightning and thunder seemed to be in a fierce dual to try to out-do one another. 

Their squabble carried on so long, that Skunk, our cat, ran under the bed. A cat hiding from the weather? I’ve never heard of such a thing. 

With all that commotion, came rain. Lots of it. So, Friday evening, Little Bit and I set out to see what happened to all that water. 

I wish you would’ve been riding with us because, thunder and lightning aside, that storm transformed this place. 

On any normal day, there are several creek beds around here that never seem to contain a drop of rain. 

Well, that storm brought down the house!

If the trees and grass had hands, I’m sure they would’ve have been joyously clapping right along with us. 

You see, those babies were rockin’ and rollin’. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard a few of them break out in song. 

48 replies to “In Song

  1. I love a good storm and heavy rain when I’m safely tucked up inside, but not Harry. When there’s thunder he always ends up on our bed quivering! These are lovely pics Jess and that video of the stream is so soothing. Hope you’re well my sweet friend. xo :)

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    1. Harry and our dog must be related. Ozzy despises storms. Once I would like to just listen to the rain without hearing him bark! Ha! Thanks for the picture compliment. You’re so sweet to me. Sorry for my delayed response. Was away from my blog most of yesterday.

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        1. Not actually in the move-the-stuff phase yet. Getting the house ready to list “for sale” and need to get our lake cabin ready to list as well. Hope to run down there and get my cleaning done in a few days. My husband needs to do a few small repairs down there and it will be ready for someone to buy!

          After the lake cabin sells, we hope to buy something and start moving stuff and get this house sold…

          I’m having some tears with the idea of selling this house. I LOVE this house.

          How are you?

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          1. It’s always so hard to leave a place we love, especially when there’s so many happy memories attached to it. I still occasionally dream about the very first house I lived in, it held so many good memories for me as a little girl.
            Good luck with all of the preparations and cleaning Jess. Someone is going to be buying into a well loved home and lake cabin I think, how lucky for them.
            I’m doing okay. Hugs ❤️🌿

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    1. There’s something home-y about thunder. Especially in the spring, when the windows are open and the rain is splattering about. Thank you for your nice comment about my pictures and video. 💜

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    1. Hi, how are you? I’m like you, I love storms under the same conditions. Thank you for your kind words about my pictures. I got lucky again. The sun and the water in perfect harmony, which made it easy on my end. I agree with what you said about the sound. It seems invigorating and relaxing all at the same time.

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  2. Oh, I dislike the dual of thunder and lightning! I have a cat that is also scared of thunderstorms. She will cower down to the quickest hiding spot. I love listening to the streams ebb and flow! I would sit there for awhile no doubt! Lovely photos and video!

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  3. I gather you’re happy about the rain? If so, yay, I’m happy for you! Over here, rainy summers soak our crops, not good. But autumn has been dry – and cold! Loved seeing pics from where you live! How great is it to follow blogs and peek into locals’ lives everywhere in the world?! Have a very good weekend! 😊

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    1. You’re very sweet. Yes, rain is good here. There are a lot of farms and rain is a welcome sight for growing hay to feed the cattle in winter.

      I love what you said about peeking into locals’ lives. That’s one of the reasons I love your blog so much. You take me to cities and places I only dream of seeing! 😊

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