An Entire Box of Cookies

Have you ever been cruising through your day, then suddenly a road block appears and brings things to a screeching halt? 

Like one of those moments where your gut is screaming your name and shouting: 

“Hey you, pay attention! Something’s not right! Something is off! Warning. Warning.”

That happened to me yesterday.

It started as an ordinary day. We had a morning appointment in a nearby town, then we went to a library there. 

The library is not in the greatest area, but we’ve been there before and haven’t ever had any trouble.

Until yesterday. 

Yesterday was different. There was a man, a patron. He was staring a bit too long, trying to stand too close, and he seemed to be waiting… 

I’m not sure what his intentions were, but something was wayyyyyy off.  My gut was on high alert. 

I got some distance between us by going into the children’s area. It’s set up so that once you’re in there, you can’t really see into the main library. 

I was scared. 

You see, when we arrived, I parked back behind the building. It’s usually a great place to park because its seldom crowded and there’s always spaces available. It’s about a half block down and around the corner.

Around the corner and in the back is ok on most days, but the idea of desolate was really not fitting into our situation. I found myself trying to figure out how we were going to get to our truck safely. 

I texted my husband and told him about what was going on. He offered to drive 30 miles to walk us to our truck. (So sweet.)

I told him I’d look around and see if he was gone and if I still didn’t feel comfortable, I’d ask the staff to walk us out. 

About 40 minutes later, we went to the counter to check out our books. I didn’t see him anywhere! I was sooooo relieved. 

That quickly changed when I saw him look right at me, step back in the front door, mill around a few minutes, then step back outside. 

He was waiting for us to leave. 

How did I know that? I have no idea, I just knew. 

First, I panicked. 

Then, I assessed things. 

Then, 2 angels appeared. 

Security guards. They stood between us and the front door. 

I approached them, told them my concerns, pointed him out, and asked if they’d walk us to the truck. 

They agreed. 

We went outside and they were several feet from us. We got past him and down the sidewalk a bit. I didn’t see him behind us and I thought maybe we were in the clear.  


Until we got around the corner. When I glanced back, I saw him coming right behind us. It wasn’t a casual pace either. He WAS following us. 


Omg! Seriously? Who does that? 

Who follows a mom and her child around a library, waits around 40 minutes, then follows them to their vehicle? 

Thankfully, the security guards were still a few feet away. Thankfully, I got my kiddo into the truck. 

As I came back around to my side to get in, he was standing right by my tailgate and he was talking to the security guards. 

I actually had to step between his back and my bumper to get to my door. 

Then, he left and walked the opposite way, across the parking lot. 

We made it out of there safely. We are so lucky. 

After we got home, I finally stopped shaking, texted a friend, called my parents, and ate an entire box of cookies.