Backstage Passes 

Ever notice how just varying the places we stand can change the view?

Two weekends ago, on our Sunday drive, we stuck close to home. You wouldn’t believe all of the beautiful places within five miles of our house. 

These Ozark hills, with their trees, pastures, and crystal clear creeks, stop me in my tracks every time. This morning, I counted up the number of creek/ river crossings nearby and it’s eleven. 

We’ve been to them all hundreds of times. Driving over them gives us one view and standing beside them gives us another. 

That Sunday, in addition to our regular stops, we stumbled across a couple of extremely kind land owners who gave us permission to cross their property lines. 

That gave us the chance to see the river from places we’ve never been. We crawled on giant flat rocks, saw crawdads laying in the sun, and even saw teeny tiny baby frogs hopping on a gravel bar.

What a glorious treat it was. We felt like we had our own backstage passes. 

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