Smile Wearing is Sharing

Have you seen that phrase “Sharing is caring”?

Mostly, I’ve seen it used on social media sites, like at the end of blog posts or on Facebook pages.

The concept seems quite simple. If you like what you see or see anything that would help you or others, please pass it on. 

Pretty cool. 

I love the idea of extending something we have to someone else. Whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, encouragement, or even a meal, there’s such a beauty in it. 

Last week, on our way to deliver a couple of meals to sick friends, we were sitting at a stop light where a man was also sitting. 

Only he wasn’t in a vehicle, he was on the curb. With a sign. 

The only word on his sign that I can even vaguely remember was Homeless. I was too busy watching him to pay attention to what it said. 

There was just this way about him, you know? It was different. If you’ve read any of my other stories, you may recall that sometimes the folks I see with signs are kind of sad. 

Not him. 

He was smiling. 

And, waving at cars as they went by. 

I can barely get words around what a joy it was to see. It was almost like when sunlight beams through clouds on an ordinary day. If it’s not too cloudy, those rays may go unnoticed. 

Did anyone else notice that unyielding smile among a sea of asphalt and concrete? Hard to say. 

We did. 

The lesson learned? 

That even smile wearing is sharing. 

14 thoughts on “Smile Wearing is Sharing

    • Love that! You sound like a happy soul. :)

      Guess what! Today, we went back to that same stoplight and the same fellow was there smiling and waving again.

      Last time I shared some chili with him that I was taking my friends. This time I didn’t have anything to share, and I didn’t feel bad like I usually do when I don’t have anything to offer.

      He just seemed genuinely happy and it was almost like he’s the one giving the gift. Pretty darn cool.

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  1. I was going to comment about how wonderful it is to see someone smile or to smile and cause someone else to smile, then reading the comments I was smiling as I was thinking about some of the pheasant hunts I have been on. Pheasant season opens this weekend in Kansas, we have the Pheasants Forever banquet Saturday night. I love pheasant season and it holds so many memories. Thanks for the SMILES your post created. I’m not hunting this weekend, Wylie isn’t much of a bird dog, actually he doesn’t even know he’s a ……d o g

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