Anything Like It

Yesterday morning in my post, Beyond Beautiful, I told you about a white arch I saw at sunrise, in the western sky. 

My husband mentioned that it might be called an ice halo. I looked it up and from what I saw, ice halos are circles around the moon or sun. 

That left me pretty curious as to what I had seen, so I started researching. 

This is what I found: fog bows. 

Apparently, they are similar to rainbows, but because the water droplets are a lot smaller than raindrops, the smaller drops don’t catch the sunlight quite the same way and can cause them to appear white. 

(Here is an interesting article I read on them if you’d like to have a look. It was written in October 2015 on Farmers Almanac.) 

No wonder it felt like  Christmas morning that day! In our  seven and a half years of living here, we’ve had our share of fog. 

But, a fog bow? Talk about a gift! It was sooooo beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

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