Nature’s Turn to Speak

As many of you know, yesterday was Election Day here. 

What you may not know, is that it was a pretty big day for us. You see, Little Bit turned 9 years and 11 months old. 

Since he was born, we’ve not only celebrated every year since his birth, but also every month. 

Call it extended gratitude from overcoming infertility, we celebrate this boy. 

Yesterday we had a really great day, despite the weather. It was dreary. In fact, at 3:30 pm, it was so dark out, that it looked like sunset. 

It was so weird. I kept asking if it was going to rain, but it never did. 

This morning, I woke up to him singing and the sun was actually SHINING. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. 

For months, I have avoided the television because of all the terrible election campaign commercials and have dreaded going to my mailbox because every day it was full of alarming political ads.

A little bit ago, I walked outside and saw so many wonderful things:

  • a sky so blue, I thought it was October
  • Queen Anne’s Lace has reappeared in the fields by my house
  • the sun was nearly bursting with beams
  • little spider webs so meticulous, that they stopped me in my tracks
  • grass wearing jewels
  • birds chattering without a care

Humans have done a lot of talking these past months, looks to me like today, it’s nature’s turn to speak. 

30 thoughts on “Nature’s Turn to Speak

  1. So beautiful. We should never, ever stop looking upwards and giving thanks for the gorgeous gifts of nature, hey Jess? Just as you never stop loving and giving thanks for your gorgeous Little Bit. 😊 Big hugs to both of you xo ❤️

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    • Aw! You grabbed my heart with that, Miri. ❤️❤️❤️ If we were neighbors, we’d be eating berry cake 🎂 Wouldn’t that be fun? Little Bit and your daughter could talk horses and our sons could talk science and we could take a thousand pictures of Lamby 💖

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