27 thoughts on “Out of Season

  1. Beautiful lace and sky! It’s been wonderful having an extend growing season. I had volunteer zinnia and tomatoes growing in my chicken run. Notice I said had, as we had a hard freeze the other day. The days are still in the upper 70. Enjoy as it’s short lived. At least we are one day closer to Spring!!!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Love from KS

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    • Hey sweetie. Upper 70’s?? How nice. I’d take a stray tomato and zinnia, too! 🌸 Our zinnias froze!! Hope you had a beautiful day! Hey are you coming to MO to eat turkey? Holler if you’re this way and have any time. I think we’ll be around. Hugs!!

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      • We aren’t coming to MO. This is a unique Thanksgiving. Usually everyone comes to our home. My son and family, brothers and families, parents and aunt and uncle. Sadly we lost a few, Chris is on call, and one brother isn’t coming. Life changes. We are going to my aunts about 1 1/2 hour away, and my other brother and wife and dad will be there. What are you doing?
        Would love to ride around with you and LB! Wylie would love it!!
        Love ❤️️

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    • Thank you. That sky!! It almost screamed that it wanted to be included! I’ve been trying to see things in a new way. Change things up a bit.

      Love what you said about winter. Reminds me of those days where red berries burst through the snow… ❤️

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