30 replies to “Creek Time

          1. I had a super busy week and have not had time to sit and read. OMG. I am so glad you are OK. I’ve never heard of libraries having security guards, but they must have known something was amiss and needed to be in that spot at that time. Glad they were. I wondered as well if the police had been contacted about this individual. ?? Hugs to you both. <3

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          2. I’ve never heard of security at libraries either. Thank you for reading. We are ok. Doing much better. A week ago I was terrified, today we’re visiting my folks. There’s no place like home! ❤️😊

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  1. Beautiful creek photos. Stunning one of the reflections of the trees!! I love streams, creeks and lakes. They are so tranquil.

    Water has so many different personalities. It quenches thirst, it cleanses, it’s calming , nourish crops and the land, and also put out fires. That’s her good qualities. She also changes courses and can be very destructive, flood out all the crop and destroy (or cleanse) the land.

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