Do The Talking

Lately my words are stuck. When I try to get an idea of what to write about, either nothing comes out at all or what does come out is sort of a jumbled up mess. 

Hello writer’s block…

So today, I thought I’d just let my photos do the talking. 

36 thoughts on “Do The Talking

    • Hey girl. How are you? Get rid of your cold? Thank you. Seems like sometimes pictures are an easy way to communicate. That water fountain is at the park in the town where I grew up. We were there a week ago. It was FREEZING and Little Bit and I played anyway.

      There are actually cement steps that go up to that fountain so kids can reach. Pretty neat!

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    • Oh man, the same thing? Darn! It’s frustrating when an idea is there then sounds like mush. Thank you. We went to my parent’s recently and I took those. That’s dad’s tractor, the drinking fountain at the park, a tiny town with gravel streets and the grain elevator, and my parent’s once dream car. Now the car sits in the yard keeping the wildflowers company. ❤️

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        • Sounds like you know me well… ❤️ I knew you loved flowers, but not the old cars. I took a picture of an old truck tailgate in that town with the gravel streets. It was almost dusk, so it’s a bit over-exposed. But, still looks kind of neat. I’ll post it so you can see it. 😊

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            • Oh my gosh! Did you have a station wagon??? Ha ha. We not only had 1, but upgraded to a fancier one! Thought we were so cool. Mom would load up all our friends and go skating!

              Love that you guys love old cars. My husband had a 1976 Ford Bronco forever then sold it last year. It was a fun truck. Loud! Had glass packs and it rumbled!

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              • Oh yes, with 6 kids in the family we had several station wagons! They were essential, especially for our camping trips. We don’t own any old cars, but my son collects toy ones and my husband can tell you any car year, model, etc.


    • Hi Faye! That’s so nice of you to say. I’ve just been soooooo stumped. You’d think it’d be easy to write something… Nope. Not really. Ha!! How are you doing? Ready for Christmas? Will you have a house full again? Will the pirate be decked out in a red suit?

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      • I know the stumped feeling. There are times I have ideas and just cannot get the words in my head to come out of my fingertips. It is frustrating. When I have that I just start typing the ideas as they come out randomly. At some point when they are actually in front of me I find it easier to organize them. Not sure if that makes sense?
        I am not ready for Christmas but I am getting there! My kids will all be home the day of Christmas so that is going to be wonderful.
        Hahaha on the pirate decked in red. That is a really good idea!!

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        • I love your idea of typing randomly. Maybe I’ll try that. Yes, you get exactly what I mean, there seems to be a disconnect between the brain and hands. Thursday we were driving home and I came up with something to write, then later I thought it was awful. I agree about wanting to organize the thoughts. Instead, they seem to float about like stew. Ha.

          Oh, I’m so glad your kids will be there for Christmas. That’ll be so nice. Are you making Holiday Rice Stuffing?? And pies?? Yum!

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