Bless My Heart

Did you ever notice how Christmas seems like a great time to think about every-single-little-tiny one of our blessings? 

  • Family? Blessing.
  • Children? Blessing.
  • House? Blessing.
  • Heat? Blessing. 
  • Vehicle? Blessing.
  • Gas for the vehicle? Blessing. 
  • A warm place to sleep? Blessing. 
  • Being able to use a bathroom that’s not in a public building because there aren’t any private bathrooms on the street? Blessing. 
  • Food on the table? Blessing. 
  • A visit from Santa Claus? Blessing. 

A few days before Christmas, I went to the store in our small town. When leaving the store, I saw a man who was holding a sign, standing on the corner. 

We’ve lived in the town 15 years and there’s only been less than 10 times I’ve ever seen someone with a sign and because it’s a rare occasion here, I notice. 

For a few weeks, I’d had some money in my back pocket, I wasn’t spending it, just had it there. I pulled up and gave him my offer of a few bucks. He was beyond grateful. As he walked back towards the curb, I asked him what his sign said. 

“Need propane and a blanket.”

My heart broke. A blanket? Someone needs a blanket? You know what I mean? How many extra blankets do we have in a closet that rarely get used? 

I reached back in my pocket. 

That night our furnace started making racket. The times it happened before left us with no heat. Uh oh. The low forecasted for that night? 7 degrees. 

Thinking that the furnace would go out in the middle of the night, I was soooooo thankful for the blankets we have. I scrambled them all together and piled them on the bed. 

We didn’t lose our heat and our kind repairman arrived in the morning and fixed the furnace. 

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. We were up at my parents and Santa needed some batteries for Christmas morning. I went 20 miles to Iowa to get them. When I left the store, something caught my eye. 

On the corner by the stoplight was a mom with 2 little boys, who were blowing bubbles. A pretty joyous thing to see on Christmas Eve, until I saw her sign. 

I’m not exactly sure what the whole thing said, but what I saw was “I have 3 children and need food.”

I had $10, so I went to the dollar store. I did pretty darn good with that ten bucks. 10 packages of cookies in one box for $1. 2 cans of soup for $1.20. 2 packages of crackers for $2. A box of cereal for $1. And, 3 of those red handled plastic candy canes with candy in them for $3. Grand total? $9 and some change. 

I drove back to where she was and told her I had something for her. She had only one question. 


I handed her the stuff I bought. I don’t know if it’s a mom thing, but just looking into her eyes, there just seemed to be an understanding, you know? You never want your babies hungry. 

English clearly wasn’t her native language, but I’m sure what she did say, will stay with me always and forever. It was genuine, heartfelt, and simple:

“Bless my heart.”

61 replies to “Bless My Heart

    1. Aww. You spoil me with your kindness, Annika. I learned the art of giving from my beautiful mom. Just this week she texted to say she was in a store and was asked a question by a gal. The gal told mom that mom reminded her of her mother she’d just lost 2 months ago.

      And what did my amazing mom do? She bought her a pretty set of cards and gave them to her. 💗💗 I cried like a baby when I read her text.

      That’s what mom does– ALWAYS thinks of others. Always.

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  1. We do what we can, your $10 made a real difference not just in substance but in moral support and letting her know she was not invisible to you. Good luck with your move and wishing you all the best for 2017 💜

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  2. How happy I am that you found my blog, Jessica, and led me to yours. This was a perfect post to remind us all of small kindnesses we can do at Christmas and throughout the coming year. And the ending was delightful. It made me happy to spend some time with you today.

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    1. Aw! How super kind of you! I’m so glad we’ve “met”. I think I found your blog through comments on Finding Merle. Karen is so great.

      I love that you thought my ending was delightful. That makes my day. Thank you for visiting. Can’t wait to read more of your writing. :)


  3. I knew there was a reason why I love you. Your huge overflowing heart and sense of compassion. This was a lovely story and truly highlighted the spirit of Christmas. And now it’s a new year! How time flies. Happy new year to you my friend. May 2017 be kind to you and your family. Big hugs xo ❤️

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    1. Oh my dearest Miri, you make my heart burst with joy and spill onto the floor… Thank you so very much for your words that are sweeter than honey.

      I’m getting excited now about moving. The sadness of leaving has subsided. Bring on the new adventures!! Let’s get this party started! Ha! 2017 will be great for you, I bet. Super great! Big hugs back.

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      1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re excited Jess. I think this year is going to be a great big adventure for you. So much to look forward to. Enjoy, my lovely friend. Big hugs xo 😊

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          1. We were out at a cemetery before Christmas and it was so cold my camera froze! I had never had that happen before. It was COLD. I’ve been keeping busy recovering from Christmas. Such a beautiful time. Love the family time.
            You know you are welcome here anytime!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Hi Jessica, sorry about being off for a while. :) I’ve had various family issues of one kind or another over the last month (and probably into the early part of the new year too), so I’ve barely been on WordPress recently other than to just keep my blog ticking over. However, I’m hoping that 2017 will be a great year for all of us everywhere. :D

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        1. Oh my goodness, I sure didn’t mean anything by my comment. I completely understand. Sometimes I’m not online for a while just because life gets busy, etc. In fact, that happened recently, and I’m trying to catch up on the posts others wrote. 😊😊 I hope things are going great for you guys and that you’re 2017 is a fabulous year!! 🎉🎉

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    1. Oh my. How incredibly kind of you. Can’t tell you what it means that it touched your heart. You made my night. Nice to meet you, by the way. I saw your nice comments on Rabbit Patch Diary, so I looked at your blog. I can’t wait to read your posts. :)


        1. Oh my goodness. Pretty sure my heart is bubbling over. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a new follow because of a comment. Got me smiling big time here!! Welcome! So glad you’re here. :)


          1. Jessica, I only follow for content that is quality and the person behind the blog. I’ve been here for over 4 years and my following is huge. In that time I’ve come to know how important it is to me that a relationship is formed between blogging friends. I always listen to my Heart when I follow new blogs. 💕💕💕

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          2. That is awesome to hear! Thank you so much. Looks like you’re about 3 years ahead of me. I had my one year anniversary in October. I was one of those girls that was never going to have a blog- too old fashioned. Until I unexpectedly found myself in the hospital for 4 days. A few weeks after I got out, I started blogging. 🌻 I love to write. My dad says I get my love for writing from my Grandma Wilma. I’m honored that your heart led you here. Thank you! 😊😊


          3. Well! I enjoy writing too along with my Passion for photography. See? Even in a dark time you found an outlet to share your talent for writing. How wonderful! And how wonderful as well that you inherited your talent from your Grandma. She would be so proud of you!!! :)

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          1. As long as things stay more or less on track, with minimal drama, the holidays are always perfect as long as I have family and friends to share them with! Turkey grease spilling all over my oven and kitchen floor midway through making dinner is minor. LOL

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    1. Hi. How are you doing? Thank you so very much. Something in me can barely pass one of those signs. 😊😊 Hopefully they found all the help they need and are both warm and have full tummies.

      We’ve been going to the libraries in a bigger town nearby and there are many homeless people in the public libraries now that the weather turned cold. I’ve seen some exiting the restrooms- pretty sure it was a shave, brush teeth, clean up type thing. Glad they have a place, but it’s sad that it’s there. Certainly can’t help everyone, but can help a few. ❤️❤️ I hope your holidays are wonderful. How are your rats and horse?


    1. Oh my goodness, thank you. I just reread my post and found myself all choked up. Cheeks are wet. Thank you for your kind words. All of Christmas Eve and Christmas I just kept thinking about all those years ago and no room at the inn. I’m so thankful I had $10. You know, $10 doesn’t seem like much- it doesn’t buy much these days. Until someone doesn’t have anything, then $10 seems like so much more. ❤️

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