Quietly on the Hill

Don’t you just love a quiet Saturday afternoon when nothing is planned? 

That happened to us yesterday. We didn’t have to be anywhere! So, we went somewhere. About noon, Little Bit and I took off down a gravel road near our house. 

By the time 6 p.m. rolled around, we’d been in 3 different counties, crossed numerous creeks, saw a cellar practically sitting on the road, went to an amazing roadside park, and stopped at several cemeteries including the one where Laura Ingalls Wilder, her husband Almanzo, and her daughter Rose are buried. 

As we made our way towards home on some lonely highway, the sun tipped her hat to say good night. Just then, I saw the most glorious thing:

A house.

Clearly abandoned long ago, it didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that, except for a few cattle grazing nearby, it stood alone, quietly on the hill. 


Today Little Bit and I had some extra time, so we stopped at the United States National Military Cemetery. 

According to the sign, it was established in 1867. There are 1,521 interments and of those, 832 are known. My heart ached when I read the bottom line:

Unknown: 689

Believe it or not, as far as cemeteries go, it is an extraordinarily beautiful place. Rows and rows of white headstones dress up winter’s grass like a skirt that never ends. An old stone wall with a castle-type appearance, almost seems to stand guard over those who’ve passed on. 

Even though it was a bit chilly, the sun made its grand entrance after nearly 10 days of gray skies. Seeing it was so welcoming that I actually forgot I was cold. 

What a great day to be there. I felt so honored to be among all those heroes. 

Hygge Love ❤

Hey friends,

Just want to check in and tell you my husband, Little Bit and I are all sick. It is some cough/ congestion virus that has been hanging around for a solid week. Yuck!

I was catching up on reading some blog posts last night, when I saw this one! Yes!! This!! I’ve heard the word Hygge, but honestly, I had no idea what it meant until I read this.

She explains it nicely and I thought it’d be a great one to share on this dark, raining day. I love how the months of January through March are such a transition time. The rest between seasons.

Thank you for letting me share your beautiful outlook!

A Mischief Managed - and Other Adventures

Last January I discovered (to my joy!) for the first time that there was a word, hygge, which summed up just perfectly everything I love most about this cosy wrapped-up time of year. A year on, and hygge has continued to sweep across from its native Denmark to take our countries by storm, revolutionising how we approach wintertime – especially the post-Christmas part of winter. It offers a softer and more rounded alternative to the out-running, diet-beginning resolve of the new year; in the form of a more achievable balance between good health – with fresh air and long, rambling walks – and indulgent nights in – with a little bit of chocolate, a mug of something warming and some cosy time devoted to enjoying good company and home comforts.

I have recently been reading the very beautiful Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, given to me by my…

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A Key Switched On

Do you ever have an idea appear out of nowhere, and instead of completely dismissing it, you run with it? 

That happened to me this morning. I woke up around 6:00 a.m. with an awful headache, so I went bad to bed. 

Luckily when I woke up later I was feeling a bit better. When I walked into the kitchen, I suddenly had an idea for a book. Like me writing a book. Completely out the blue. 

How does that even happen? I haven’t written a book in 3 years and that one still isn’t published! Well, however it did happen, I went with it and it has been pouring out. 

In less than an hour I had a title, a dedication, an introduction, and a list of 31 chapters. This afternoon I have been working on the chapters themselves. 

Pretty darn cool. 

I’ve had writer’s  block for over a week and then it was like a key switched on.