35 thoughts on “The Best Parents EVER

      • I meant it! :)

        I wanted to comment on quite a few posts but over the past two weeks I haven’t been myself. I had to submit my tax return by yesterday and I almost despaired. But it’s the same every year… anyway, I slayed the tax demon – 5 hours before the end of the deadline! :)

        I also wanted to comment on that house you found, the one with the boarded-up windows. I too wouldn’t have gone in – but not because I would have been afraid of trespassing. I would have been more afraid of who and what might be waiting inside… seriously, why would anyone board up the windows but leave the door open? I know I scare easily. And sometimes I’m scared of things that aren’t even scary, but it’s who I am. But then… you have recently experienced that fear can be a good thing – I mean the dodgy guy ‘waiting for you’ to leave the library…

        Have you guys actually managed to beat that nasty virus? I hope you’re well. xx

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        • Wow! Glad to hear you got your taxes done and in. I’m going to be doing that soon as well… Yuck. I’d say we’re about even on the wanting to comment on each other’s posts. No worries, there. I’m not going anywhere.

          Ha ha. That’s a good point about the house. I kind of wondered why there was wood piled up on the front porch… Someone using it for heat?

          Down the road from where Little Bit takes horse riding lessons, probably 10-12 years agothere used to be a big ol’ 2 story, completely run down house. It was abandoned, of course.

          One day I was driving by there and I SAW a man in there. Then he was gone. I thought I was seeing things. Maybe a year later, they tore the house down.

          Last month I found out that there WAS a man living in that house the time I saw him. The house belonged to his family and he lived there with no electric or water… So, your idea of someone being inside may not be too far fetched!!

          Our virus finally went away! Hooray! Things are much better here! Thanks for asking! Big hugs to you, my friend!!

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          • Glad to hear you guys have recovered from the virus. xx

            Believe it or not, last night I had a dream about an abandoned building. It was a building I used to work in before everyone was made redundant (long time ago). The building’s quite ugly, and I never knew whether a different company had moved in. Anyhoo, in my dream I had to find the building. And it was difficult! When I arrived, I found the building to be empty. I was quite sad. So when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was googling the building – and it appears that a company with 400 staff moved in some time ago! I was happy about that!

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I love them both dearly and treasure time spent with them. They have created a beautiful family and you are one very special young woman. Love you,

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    • Aw! Thank you, Miss Linda. You’re always so good to me! I LOVE that you’ve known my parents longer than I have! PS you looked beautiful in their wedding picture! Love you, too! ❤️


  2. I love the old photos! Old photos are so much fun. When my in-laws celebrated their 50th (12 years ago) the kids got together and made a family photo album. It was so much fun looking through old pictures of my husband and his siblings. They also had reels and reels of old slides. We spent and entire afternoon with the entire family looking (and commenting and laughing) at them all.

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