Wide Open

Yesterday Little Bit and I took a 2 hour voluntary detour to go to the bank. On some new-to-us highway, we saw this house. 

It immediately caught my attention, though I doubt the reasons are obvious. You see, all of the windows were boarded up, but the front door? 

It was wide open. 

12 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. Love your detour!
    Even tho it’s tempting sometimes to go exploring, I always stay off of someone elses property. Even if it’s not posted “no trespassing” Living out in the country, I know I wouldn’t want someone just wondering thru our place.

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    • Thanks! It was a beautiful ride. The terrain changed so much. First it was rolling farmland, then it changed to heavily wooded with the straightest roads, then quickly back to farmland. I agree. I admire from my truck. :)

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    • No peeks. But, like you, I found myself wondering who lived life there. Across the driveway there was an OLD cellar, and behind that a barn. It was a pretty neat place. I’d say farmers nearby probably own the land it’s on. I love how the oak tree shadow almost swallows the front by the covered up window. Maybe once upon a time there was a tire swing in that tree. :)

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    • Hmmm… Good question. I’d like to say yes, but there’s that whole trespassing and entering someone else’s property thing. 😊😊 That seems to be a big issue nowadays. Best to daydream about such things instead.

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