The Water

Have you ever ​eaten a big, delicious meal, then eyed a 3-layer perfectly frosted cake sitting on the counter? 

Mmm. It looks sooo good! Give me just one, little bite! But, there just isn’t room.

Something similar happened to me recently, minus the calories. In my post Try Anyway, I told you that I was given an opportunity for a paid writing position. 

Heck yeah!! I really, really wanted to try it. And, I did. I spent the better part of a couple of weeks reading, researching, and learning new writing skills. 

Late nights and I became best buds. I poured my heart into trying to get the best article I could. I’ve got to be honest with you here, it was a struggle. 

Something just wasn’t falling into place, you know? I kept pushing myself anyway, but something just felt off.

A few days ago, clarity came marching in while I was standing at the creek bank.

Maybe when Little Bit is grown or maybe when my own books are published, the time will come to write for others. Right now though, I feel like I’m supposed to be writing for myself. 

I withdrew the article I was working on and I’m at total peace with that. What a gift this experience has been. I’ve learned so much about myself. 

Funny how the answers I needed came, simply by being at the water. 

You’re Amazing

It’s been warm here the past few days and yesterday Little Bit and I got some new sidewalk chalk. As you can see, I had a lot of fun with it.

I shared this picture on my blog’s Facebook page and thought it would be neat to share it here, too.

Simply said, you’re amazing.



We went to one of those old fashioned parks a couple of days ago. The tire-swing swings and the wooden merry-go-round were great, but I think my favorite part was the slide with steps that said American. 

Try Anyway

Have you ever completely stepped outside  of your comfort zone and tried out for something you might not get? 

Oh man, I have! 

In 9th grade, I tried out for cheerleader. Just picture a small town high school gym, all the football/ basketball players in the bleachers, and me, some awkward and uncoordinated teenager down in front of all of them, trying to belt out a cheer and do a cartwheel! 

Hmm… I’m not really the cartwheel type, but somehow I made it onto the JV squad! 

Something similar happened to me last month. A health/ wellness website I love was seeking writers. Like paid writers. I’ve never tried out for anything like that before, so I applied real quick before I could talk myself out of it. 

Then, I waited.

And, waited. 

And, waited. 

I checked my email every 5 minutes for like 3 days. Nothing. 

While waiting, I found myself actually brainstorming ideas for a health category on my own blog. Plus, that’s also when I woke up and suddenly had an idea for a book, completely out of the blue…

Pretty cool. 

And, guess what! You will never believe this. That email that I was eagerly anticipating? 

It came!

I get a chance. 

The lesson?  

Even on those days when self doubt comes sneaking in, push it to the side, and try anyway! 

Making Their Own Music

Oh my gosh, you guys, the coolest thing happened today.

Well, we’re trying to get our lake property ready to sell. It’s about 2 hours from our house and we went there today to finish some things.

After working a few hours, we went down to the water to walk around. The lake is pretty low right now, so there’s a sandbar  out of the water where we can walk.

I pulled my shoes and socks off and Little Bit got maybe 10 steps ahead of me. Suddenly, I could hear something, which was really odd because there was no one around.

I stopped to listen and then, I figured it out!

The bushes that are  normally underwater  had their  branches reaching for blue sky and were absolutely covered in shells.

Not only that, but there were shells all over the sand. They were everywhere.

I have never seen anything like it. You want to talk about beautiful? Simply by rattling in the wind, those tiny little shells were making their own music. 



A couple of days ago, Little Bit and I went back to a place we love about 20 miles from our house. It has an amazing waterfall. 

Care to listen?