The Wind and the Chimes

Have you ever noticed that when you change where you’re standing, what you see and hear sometimes changes? 

A few days ago, when Little Bit and I were at the creek crossing about half a mile from our house, I was reminded of that important lesson. 

We’ve been on that old cement bridge more times than I can count and even though its really pretty, the view only varies if it rains a lot. So basically, it’s the same photograph over and over. 

This time I decided to park up on the gravel road just a bit. I got out of my truck and made my way to the center of the bridge. Because of recent rains, the swimming hole was more than doubled in size. 

As beautiful as it was, photographing it was tricky. It was just too wide. I was looking for something different, something memorable, you know? 

Finally, I got it. 

After taking about a dozen steps to my right, I ventured off the road and climbed down beside the bridge. Oh my lands, what a difference that made! 

Those reflections! Those colors! It was soooooo amazing that I found myself just standing there, trying to take it all in. 

It was in those moments of the afternoon’s grace that the real gift came waltzing in: music!

Not exactly the radio blasting, tap your feet to the beat kind of tune. This was more along the lines of the oh-my-gosh-listen-to-that-kind of song that can only be made with the wind and the chimes. 

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