19 thoughts on “Last Night

    • Hi! How are you??? Last night we left town and took a drive about 5 pm. We were heading west, but the sun was in my eyes, so I turned south. Through the country, about 7 miles southwest of our house, there are giant tv/ radio towers. We went on a search to find the 4th and 5th one, then circled through a little town and back around. As we crossed this little bridge, I looked to my left and saw this sunset. There’s usually hardly any water in this creek, so the fact that there’s a reflection is a real treat!!

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      • We’re doing great, altho it’s been a bit cooler and windy in Kansas. Better weather is coming for the weekend!
        I love how you changed your course because the sun was in your eyes and discovered a beautiful creek and sunset! It’s nice that we can be so flexible at times.
        Have a wonderful weekend!

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        • I bet you do get some wind out your way. Glad it’s going to warm up for you. We just got back from Little Bit’s horse riding lesson. When we left our house (at the bottom of the hill) it was 30 degrees. When we got to the stable (5 miles away and at the top of the hill) it was 27 degrees!

          I agree- it’s pretty neat that turning away from something actually ended up being a gift from the same something miles down the road.

          Happy that you’re doing great. How was your dad’s birthday? I bet you loved having your boy home! ❤️


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