35 thoughts on “Angels

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  2. Yes, the website Find A Grave.
    I should of asked first about linking you, but I didn’t think you would mind! I mentioned Reba’s new album on my post, you will ♥ it!!! Hallelujah, Amen is a beautiful song as they all are.
    I’ve been out on the tractor all morning. Our lane was so bad it needed the rock worked back up. It’s windy and sunny today and not cold.

    • I don’t mind. Share all you like! I’ll have to find that song! I love the title! You’re so awesome- out on the tractor fixing the lane! 😊😊 Been a long time since I’ve driven a tractor.

      Can’t believe it’s warm and sunny there. It’s dark and gray AGAIN and the temperature is 30 degrees. The wind is freezing! Glad you get to enjoy some warmth though. Blow it my way, will ya? Ha. ❤️

    • What?? Where at? All of my roots are in Iowa. Now, that is sooooooo cool that you were born there, too! Isn’t that something? Like you said, no wonder. Look at us rocking Iowa and old souls! I’m so thankful our paths crossed! A true gift! 💜☀️🌸

      • We are rocking it! I was born in Des Moines, I moved away at the end of jr. high, I think I’ve only been back twice. I know it’s changed a lot, especially downtown Des Moines, from what I’ve heard & read. What part of IA are you from? And I’m thankful, too! xo

        • Oh my gosh, I have family in and around Des Moines. How cool. I was born in Hamburg, Iowa which is in the southwest corner, not far from the Missouri state line on I-29. I grew up in a little town in Missouri about 20 miles from there. My grandparents had a farm in Glenwood Iowa and the other set had a farm by Denison Iowa. I have relatives from Des Moines and west. 💜

    • And, thank you. I love angels. Those cemeteries were really neat. One was a Lutheran cemetery near the Amish houses. Some of those stones were so old that they were homemade. Like cursive type of handwriting in cement.

  3. *playing catch-up* … LOVE the photographs, Jessica. I have a collection of ‘Angels’ – ornaments and the like, and I love them. I’m drawn to all things Angel.
    Fabulous post. I wish we lived closer together, we could go ‘Angel Seeking’ together.
    ~ Cobs. x

    • Thank you, my friend. Enchanting is the perfect word. Seems like just the word angel itself brings such a peace. I love when we spot them. Your comment is amazingly sweet. Bless you for that! :)

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