Making Their Own Music

Oh my gosh, you guys, the coolest thing happened today.

Well, we’re trying to get our lake property ready to sell. It’s about 2 hours from our house and we went there today to finish some things.

After working a few hours, we went down to the water to walk around. The lake is pretty low right now, so there’s a sandbar  out of the water where we can walk.

I pulled my shoes and socks off and Little Bit got maybe 10 steps ahead of me. Suddenly, I could hear something, which was really odd because there was no one around.

I stopped to listen and then, I figured it out!

The bushes that are  normally underwater  had their  branches reaching for blue sky and were absolutely covered in shells.

Not only that, but there were shells all over the sand. They were everywhere.

I have never seen anything like it. You want to talk about beautiful? Simply by rattling in the wind, those tiny little shells were making their own music. 


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