This is Hilarious 

Little Bit and I took a ride yesterday and stopped in a tiny town by the rodeo grounds and park. 

When I saw the building, I laughed out loud. Zoom in on the door. This is hilarious! 

6 thoughts on “This is Hilarious 

  1. That’s too funny. Did you look in the window to see what’s inside. You have to admit, sometimes it would be better to go outside!!
    Hey I love your new photo!
    We had a wonderful time in Missouri. Those grands kept me so busy, I didn’t have any extra time. The weather was to BEAUTIFUL. Enjoyed a day at the lake while Chris was fishing, Monday when the kids were out of school we did the golf cart tour at Top of the Rock in Branson. So much fun!!
    Stay warm as winter is back!!

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    • Wow, sounds like you had a great time! Time goes quick with family- maybe we’ll catch ya next time. It sure has been pretty. Thursday was 77 and yesterday was 37!!! Brrr. But, we didn’t get the Iowa and Nebraska blizzards…

      I didn’t think to look in the window… That’s funny.

      Thanks. I love that picture. LB and I had just finished hiking that day. :) Stay warm!!

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