23 thoughts on “This Spring

  1. It’s not quite spring here, this morning it’s 14!! It was 70 a couple of day ago. The wheat field are such a beautiful emerald green and so many baby calves out in the pastures, I bet they are wondering……what happened to Spring!
    I think I will make a pot of chili today!

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    • Hi. Thank you so much! Are you back ?? Did you get used to the time difference there?

      When does spring arrive where you live? It’s not officially spring here til late March. But, it’s been so warm lately.


    • Hi Faye. This is actually at a park in town. It’s one of those picnic type places (no playground). We’ve driven by it many times and there’s a spot that looks like the remains of an old log cabin. That’s what I always thought it was. Until I got out and looked over the 5 ft high split-rail fence!! It’s not a log cabin, it’s a fence surrounding this beautiful spring!

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