Canadian Goose 

When it comes to coordination, how is your balance? 

Me? I can barely stand on one foot without getting wobbly. 

We went to a nearby lake today and I got to see grace in action. Check out the skill of this amazing  Canadian Goose. 

17 thoughts on “Canadian Goose 

    • Thank you. She was an easy subject. Great point- they certainly get defensive when the eggs and babies show up. I’ll steer clear at that time. Thank you for your comment. :)


      • I’ve been keeping busy, mostly getting things ready for the CPA and finishing up year end. I’ve miss you!! But when I sit down at the computer it’s been to “work”. This next week should be the end of it, hopefully.
        We had a light dusting of snow today. Certainly need the moisture as Kansas has been having numerous wildfires.
        Winter certainly isn’t quite ready to give up yet.
        ♥ from KS

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  1. We have a tiny lake nearby, a mere in local parlance, where a couple of swans nest every year. In the late spring they gather their brood and walk, yes walk, along the streets to the canal on the other side of town where they spend the rest of the year until flying back to the mere at New Year. A couple of years ago. For some reason, the swans didn’t appear. However, one day I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a pair of Canada geese and their babies making the same trek past our gate on their way to the canal! How do they know these things?

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