Their Shadows

If I was getting graded on this photograph, I’d probably get a D-. 

  1. It’s overexposed. 
  2. It’s not really in focus. 

Oh well, I love it anyway! 

See the Canadian Geese swimming in the upper left corner and how the sun is dancing in the ripples? 

Pretty cool. 

I think my favorite part of the whole scene is probably the “couple” standing in front. 

They didn’t seem to mind my company at all and even let me photograph their shadows.

39 thoughts on “Their Shadows

    • Hi, thanks so much! It was a great family day. We went bowling before that. Say, I’ve been thinking of you- you’re Facebook posts are amazing. Bet that keeps you busy. 😊🌸

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        • Well, I bet we’d get along great- Iowa AND bowling??? Like peas in a pod. Ha. Love what you said about the pay off- that was a super nice thing to say. Thank you so much.

          When I started this blog in October 2015, I had no idea that bloggers even communicated. I just started writing stories for my boy to read when he’s all grown up. A huge bonus is all the friends I’m making along the way. I LOVE blogging. Such a grace in finding like-minded souls. I ABSOLUTELY loved your Wildflower story. I totally get what you mean.

          Those wildflowers sure know something about living free.

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    • Thank you, Sylvia. I used to work in photography, in a camera repair shop, in a commercial processing lab, was an assistant for a travel photographer, and have taken classes about photography. The “rules” seemed to be engrained in me. :)

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    • I appreciate what you said soooooo much. The picture summarizes the afternoon. We stopped at this lake out of the blue. While standing at the shore, all these geese just started coming our way. The welcoming party, I guess. It was a beautiful day. Thank you for what you said. :)

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    • I’m digging around in my imaginary word bucket, trying to find the perfect combo of words to thank you for your comment. Thank you- seems trite. So I’m going to go for completely heartfelt and honest. 😊😊 Here goes: Oh my gosh! I love how you just get it, how you see past the technicalities that life sometimes throws at us and just see the beauty.

      Yes! That!! 😊😊

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      • you and I are the same-we look for something beautiful, and always find it. I know this because you are as likely to stop your journey for something authentic as if nothing else mattered in the world-stay as you are Jessica-you live that beautiful way always-and you will never regret it. xxoo thank you sweet one!

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    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been putting a roof on a building today. Just getting a chance to check in here.

      I love your word, shimmering. That is the perfect description. Seems like the sun and water are like the best pair. I love that your favorite thing is the geese in the background. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments.

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