Be There

Don’t you just love the soul-lifting power of kindness? 

Whether it’s in a smile from a stranger or a letter from a friend, kindness warms the heart. 

In general, it seems like “people” as a whole get a bad wrap. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that the world is a bad place and people are just mean. 

Yeah, I don’t really buy into that. Sometimes, if we just look and listen, the stories of good-hearted folks are just about everywhere. 

In fact, just this week, one particular tale waltzed into my life, and you are going to love it.

Today in Nebraska, there is a wedding and  because of kindness, love is coming full circle. 

You see, the couple was going to get married in 10 months. 10 months would have given them plenty of time to make plans and check off all the to do lists. 

That changed 15 days ago. 

One of their family members is really sick, so they moved the date up. As you probably know, 15 days isn’t much time to put a wedding together.

Can I just tell you, people have stepped up! 

  • A kind woman donated a building for the ceremony when the weather for an outdoor ceremony got iffy. 
  • Not one, but two photographers offered their services for the wedding photographs. 
  • Someone who makes wedding cakes offered to make theirs.
  • Someone donated 100 pounds of fish for the fish fry at their reception.
  • Someone else is smoking the pulled-pork. 
  • People gave money for plane and bus tickets to get family members there for the big day. 
  • There wasn’t time to mail invitations, but with social media they got the word out and people will fill those seats today. 

How cool is that? Brings happy tears to my eyes. 

My favorite part of the story is the generosity of the couple. What an act of love to move their special day up for someone else. Who does that? 

They do. 

They love somebody sooooooo much, that they just wanted them to be there. 

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