First Signs of Spring

I like the idea that winter is a time for nesting and resting, but I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m kind of in love with the fact that March, April, and May have come in and set down their bags. 

It’s almost like the earth sings in spring. Color shows up with bells on, moods lighten, and on the farms, all the babies arrive. 

Seems like with all the newness, braveness and courage sneak in, too. 

Yesterday we completely stepped out of our comfort zone. A homeschool coop hosted an Easter egg hunt at a park in the next town over. An event where we knew no one. At. All. 


As we walked towards the pavilion filled with families, I looked over at my Little Bit. We were both nervous. About two seconds later, I felt my stomach flip. 

Then suddenly, an unexpected thought came to mind:

Everyone is new once. 

Every. One. Each calf born on the farm, each bud on the dogwood tree, every butterfly that emerges, each family that walks into a new church or play group, and every kindergartener on the first day of school. 

Everyone starts somewhere. 

So, I took a deep breath and a few steps later, we walked into that pavilion. 

Guess what happened! 

Just like the calves, flowers, families, and kindergarteners,  we were met with smiles and warm welcomes in this season of grace. 

I hope that if you have any chance for something new, that you will take it. 

Be that first timer. And then, when it’s someone else’s turn to go first, let’s welcome them like we welcome the first signs of spring. 

27 thoughts on “First Signs of Spring

  1. What lovely blossom photos – blue skies and sunshine – Spring has definitely arrived! Your comments made me think about this time of year and what happened in recent years about the same time of year to me. Without analysing it before, I have had several new beginnings in April/May – new jobs more than once, and new homes twice. I guess Spring is a good time for me ! May the good weather and good moods around us continue!

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    • What a lovely comment. Thank you so much for reading and I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you as well.

      Love what you said about spring being a good time for you. I never really thought about how much newness accompanies spring until I sat down to write this post. Now it make sense why the seasons are lined up like they are. Imagine if summer followed winter! Extreme to extreme! Ha.

      We had several weeks of solid gray skies and no sun. This park day was such a treat all around. I couldn’t believe how beautiful those trees were. There were little girls sitting beneath them holding little “bouquets” of the buds while petals covered the ground. So fun!


        • You were in my spam, too. I thought that was sooooo weird. I wonder what’s up. Lately, some of my followers said they noticed they weren’t following me anymore, but didn’t do it. Must be a full moon.

          Wow!!! SUN and 70’s? Talk about a perfect day!


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