37 thoughts on “Tadpoles

    • Thanks. We’ve had a lot of rain lately and there are these giant flat rocks that sort of have pockets in them. I guess the water got high and filled up those holes and they are just packed with tadpoles. Hundreds of them. We just sat there and watched them swim and eat algae. 😊😊

    • Oh, what a great memory. Thank you for sharing. It is neat to see them change. Maybe we will go back in a few days and see if they are any different.

  1. I love this!!! It had been years (probably decades) since I’ve seen tadpoles. How exciting. Wonderful memories🐸
    That’s a bunch of them. What is a “flock” of baby tadpoles called?

    • Good morning, sunshine! Bet you saw tons of tadpoles when your big boy was a little boy! Glad this post brought back memories. Little Bit and I looked it up and it says a group of frogs or a group of tadpoles is called an army. How funny. Army is not anything close to what came to mind when we saw all those babies. “Miracle” describes them a lot better!

  2. Haven’t seen tadpoles since I was a girl. Reminds me though of when our teacher had an aquarium of tadpoles on the classroom that we were studying. We went home on the Friday for the weekend, excited because they had developed one set of legs, and when we returned on Monday morning, there were tiny frogs leaping all over the classroom! πŸ˜„

    • Awwww!!! That is the best story EVER. I can just imagine all of your guy’s joy when you arrived on Monday morning. Love that you shared that! Thank you!

    • Thank you. We have been back twice to check on them. Today they still look mostly the same. Some are bigger, but still no legs. Pretty fun to watch.

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